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Episode: Partings ...

Original Airdate: May 9, 2006

Lorelai wakes up at a strange place: Sookie and Jackson’s couch. She lies motionless as the two, in an effort to be “super-quiet,” wonder what is going on with she and Luke. She pretends to be asleep and just lays there with her eyes open.

Taylor heads through his town, his good mood souring after noticing troubadour after troubadour along the sidewalks of Stars Hollow. Rory is busy taking photos of Logan in their apartment as he prepares for graduation. He warns her that the Huntzbergers will be in attendance, but Rory isn’t fazed and informs him that she can avoid like no other. A camera-crazy Rory plans a screensaver for the nude photos she has snapped earlier. A troubadour duo has set up shop in front of Doose’s Market, leading Taylor to come out to shush them. He is shocked to discover a town full of troubadours. He storms into Luke, expecting a similar reaction, but Luke couldn’t be more disinterested. Kirk explains that their once one-troubadour town has been overrun with the East Coast Troubadour Community since the original troubadour was “discovered” and has left to tour with Neil Young. Yet another troubadour has set up shop outside Luke’s, and Taylor snaps, calling for all troubadours to leave and take their “hippie do-wop” with them.

Lorelai arrives home to find her cell phone ringing, again. Wanting to continue hiding from the world, she puts on a fake happy face and answers the call. It is Rory, wondering where her mother has been. Lorelai blows off her questioning about her night spent at Sookie’s by saying it just got late and she decided to stay over. Rory tells her all about Logan’s graduation and how she has to leave after drinks at Friday night dinner because of her big plans for their last night together. Lorelai walks in the house to find Miss Patty has relieved Babette in dog-sitting Paul Anka. When Luke unexpectedly shows up, Lorelai begs Miss Patty to cover for her and ducks into Rory’s old bedroom. Miss Patty brings up the sexiness of men in tights to distract Luke and it works; he leaves quickly. Lorelai again pretends nothing is wrong between her and Luke when Miss Patty questions her motives.

Logan finally returns to the apartment, where Rory is upset to learn that Logan has been detained by business associates of Mitchum Huntzberger’s. She heads out for Friday night dinner with the grandparents and at first hesitates when she sees Mitchum heading down in the elevator, but decides at the last second to jump in. He offers small talk to an icy Rory, who wonders why he hates her so much that he would ship his own son thousands of miles away. Mitchum tells Rory she is flattering herself to assume he thinks so much of their relationship; he loves his son and wants him to grow up, become a man, and start an adult life which includes a job. Rory can’t disagree with his reasoning and is left speechless in the elevator. When Taylor spots a troubadour combo on the sidewalk, he is calmly prepared to kick out one final singing nightmare from his town. By the time he reaches the square, however, he is surrounded by troubadours in every direction. They have taken over Stars Hollow.

Emily greets Lorelai at the door, wondering if she is alone and okay. The two head in for a drink and find that Rory is already there, firming up plans with Logan’s buddies to bring him home early that evening for her surprise. Richard and Emily present a model version of the Rory Gilmore Astronomy Building, which the two plan to finance while Rory is still attending Yale. Rory’s name is freakishly large on the model, and Lorelai offers an explanation that since it is the astronomy building, it must be so people in space are able to read it. Christopher suddenly appears to attend dinner. Rory leaves to meet up with Logan, missing the explanation for his mysterious invitation. Soon thereafter, one of Emily’s friend’s daughters also makes an entrance. The setup is obvious, especially when Emily physically pulls Lorelai off the couch to make room for Christopher’s date. Lorelai watches in amusement while Christopher squirms. Linny is a psychologist, Emily points out, who apparently cooks, is funny, and is a Leo.

Taylor is still in the town square long after sundown, trapped by troubadours. When the local police officer answer’s Taylor’s call on a bike, without handcuffs or another means of transporting the local hooligans to the police station, Taylor starts to storm off but runs into Miss Patty, who has brought food to the hungry singers. When the original troubadour shows up bitter and jaded, having little fame or fortune from his discovery, Taylor finally gives up and goes home, deciding he hates music.

Lorelai excuses herself from the love connection to go to the bathroom. Chris shows up seconds later, assuming “bathroom” is code for Lorelai to find a way to sneak him out of the situation. Lorelai enjoys the moment, reminiscing with Christopher about how they used to sneak out of the house. She promises to help, but then tells Christopher there was no code; she really does need some alone time to use the bathroom. When he leaves, she notices she is smiling and starts to think. During dinner, Lorelai makes good on her promise and throws out crazy psychology questions to Linny while Emily tries to unite the two singles through spicy food and crossword puzzles. Lorelai’s distraction is working and Emily forbids her from speaking until dessert. Christopher tries to keep from laughing.

Colin and Finn deliver Logan back to his apartment, which, courtesy of Rory, has become a mini-London. Logan is touched by her attempt to send him off with excitement for his new adventure. Back at the Gilmore house, Emily is disappointed that Christopher and Linny did not leave together. Lorelai, meanwhile, is ecstatic that Emily’s meddling doesn’t revolve around her, for once. She leaves the house to find Linny still in the car, on her phone helping a client. When she tells Lorelai she is a good listener and takes calls at all hours, Lorelai finds herself continuing to talk. She ends up in the backseat of Linny’s car, spilling her guts about Luke and how he is the only man she has ever wanted to marry but now she is miserable. Linny points out to her that she needs to decide what she wants, and what she is willing to give up to get it. She also reminds her that some things are just never meant to be. Logan reminisces about his partying days and wants Rory to beg him to stay, but she refuses. They both realize their days together are numbered and try to ignore it by kissing on the couch.

Lorelai finally makes an appearance at Luke’s. Luke is frantic, wondering where she has been, but she cuts him off with a quick offer to elope. She finally unloads on Luke about the plan on proposing and accepting the proposal and putting it off. When the discussion turns to purple wallpaper, Lorelai starts to explode, wondering if Luke loves her. Not surprisingly, he brings up April. Lorelai assures him things will be fine once they are married, telling him that she spoke to Anna. When Luke is surprised and not happy to hear this news, she tells him she is sick of not having an opinion about April or their wedding, that Luke needs to work April into their lives instead of their lives being worked into April’s. Lorelai finally tells him now or never, and Luke balks at the ultimatum. Lorelai leaves. She knocks on Christopher’s door and tells him she doesn’t want to be alone.

The next morning, Logan tells a sleeping Rory he is leaving for the airport and she rushes out of bed, wanting to go with him. They argue, and he finally tells her if she goes with him, he won’t get on the plane. Rory cries, unable to think of anything witty to say, and watches the elevator doors close in front of Logan as he leaves for London. Lorelai wakes up in a strange place again with people talking about her. She pretends to be asleep and just lays there with her eyes open again, but this time it is Christopher and Gigi talking, and she is in Christopher’s bed.
Credit: Andee

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