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Episode: Welcome to the Doll House ...

Original Airdate: October 18, 2005

Lorelai walks into the town meeting and sits with Sookie. She's late because Paul Anka chewed up a pair of her favorite shoes. Taylor starts the meeting, and Kirk and Andrew “suddenly” enter at the front of room. They are dressed in revolutionary war era attire and are speaking Old English. It seems that Taylor wants to recapture old world charm by changing the streets back to their original names, because tourism is down 26%. Miss Patty, Babette and Gypsy seem to be against it, but Lorelai says it's a good idea. The town votes to change the street names back. Babette and others then relive previous ideas Taylor has had that haven't met with the same approval.

Lane is serving Lorelai at the diner when Lorelai tells her she is going to start her own "Good News Daily" that will print only good news. When Luke comes by, Lorelai invites him to come with her, Sookie and Michel to the unveiling of the street names. Luke passes but says he thinks changing the street names is a good idea. Lorelai is shocked that he would agree with Taylor. Luke explains that when it comes to all things Taylor, he has adopted a Zen attitude -- go with the flow and don't fight it. If he wants to paint the diner pink? Zen. If he creates a billboard with him and Luke arm in arm? Zen. Lorelai misses Nuclear Luke. Sookie and Michel come in, excited about the new names being passed out to the local businesses. While Sookie and Michel are talking, Lorelai opens the paper and is sad to see a picture of the DAR USO party with Rory in costume.

Richard is looking at the same picture in the paper over breakfast with Emily while she prattles on about sugar on the food. Emily calls Rory on the intercom, startling her out of bed. Rory says she is not still in bed and wants to know if Emily has found anyone to fix the volume on the intercom. Emily promises to get it fixed. Emily looks over Richard's shoulder at the picture and comments that Rory looks lovely. She asks Richard to get her several copies of the picture. Then, Emily says that she hasn't seen Logan. Richard says that not seeing him doesn't mean he's not around. The doorbell rings, the maid is not around, and Emily answers it. It's a delivery from Richard's office - an insurance claim for the fire at the Dragonfly Inn. Emily can't believe Richard didn't tell her there was a fire and that he saw Lorelai face to face! How did she look, what was she wearing? Emily just can't believe he didn't tell her.

Sookie, Lorelai and Michel walk down the street discussing their hopes for a classic street name. Lorelai point out that Michel is still pouting and is not in the right spirit for this. They look at the map and at first are very confused. They can't locate the Inn. Then Michel says, "Oh, no." Sookie and Lorelai see it, too. It's not good. The unhappy threesome walk in the door of the Inn and Lorelai immediately gets on the phone, trying to reach Taylor and discuss their new street name: Sores and Boils Alley. Sookie wonders what kind of menu they can serve at an Inn on Sores and Boils Alley. Lorelai says not to panic; she will fix this, as she waits on hold. Meanwhile, a delivery arrives. It's an old clock. Sookie begins panicking, noticing that her white sauce looks like pus. Lorelai again says she'll fix it and sends Sookie into the kitchen.

Logan arrives at Rory's with a package. There's no occasion, but Logan has purchased Rory a bag. Rory likes it enough, but Logan tells her it's not just any bag, it's a Birken Bag. Rory doesn't know what a Birken Bag is, but she loves it. Her computer cords will fit in it. Logan tells her to call his sister, who will fill her in on the "thing" with the bag. She starts to transfer her old purse’s contents, but finally gives up and just puts the purse itself in the bag and they leave.

Lorelai is at home on the phone with Taylor, after trying to reach him all day. Taylor, unsurprisingly, sings the praises of Sores and Boils. He'd kill to have that name because it's one of the most famous streets in Star's Hollow. Not only did people come from miles around with sores, but Taylor has heard there was a leper colony there also. Taylor rattles on. As Lorelai listens, she accepts a delivery at the door. She tells Taylor the name would be fine if she was running a hospice, but she is running an inn, where people come for a beautiful, romantic time. Taylor is surprised at Lorelai's negativity. She says the name is just not going to work, but Taylor doesn't know what to do. They both agree to think about it and Lorelai opens the latest delivery. It's a birdcage.

Logan brings Rory home, and she tells him she’s never had so many compliments about anything as she did that evening about her bag. Logan heads back to the car to get his cell phone when Richard hears him and invites him in for a drink. It's clear that Richard didn't know Logan was planning on staying the night. Emily greets them briefly before going upstairs. Richard starts questioning Logan about school and the like, and then he wants to know what is going on with Logan and Rory. Logan becomes increasingly more uncomfortable until finally, Rory walks by and sees Logan and Richard. She comes in and makes up an excuse that she was looking for sugar for her coffee, feigning surprise at seeing Logan there. Emily joins them and all say goodnight. Richard says everything seems fine between them. As the Gilmores go upstairs, Rory and Logan sneak back to the pool house. Rory is upset about the confrontation her grandfather had with Logan and promises to talk to him about it.

Michel is at the front desk with more strange deliveries for Lorelai. He thinks she is ordering them from the Home Shopping Network, which she denies. Kirk is waiting for Lorelai in the dining room to discuss street name alternatives. Kirk has three choices: a name that's already taken and would be confusing, an old Indian name that is unpronounceable, and finally…Crusty Bulge. Lorelai says they are keeping Third Street, whether Taylor likes it or not. As she talks, Lorelai realizes where all the deliveries are coming from.

Emily and a very old man arrive at the pool house. He is the man who installed the original intercom and is there to repair it. He is also beyond hard of hearing. While they wait, Rory asks Emily to speak with Richard about grilling Logan. She assures Emily that she and Logan are way too young for anything like marriage. Emily says she will definitely talk to him, but wants to know how things are going. When Rory informs Emily that Logan bought her a Birken Bag, Emily is thrilled at the status symbol and is jealous that Richard never bought her one. She rushes out to check on the repairman.

Lorelai needs an emergency BLT from Luke's, and he has the latest delivery for her -- a five-foot urn. Lorelai has figured out that Emily is the one sending her these gifts to smoke her out of her foxhole. Luke tells Lorelai to call Emily to end it, but Lorelai refuses. In that case, Luke tells Lorelai, the urn has to be out by five. Emily joins Richard in his office to talk to him about the discussion he had with Logan. Richard doesn't understand what he said to upset Logan; Logan must have misunderstood. Richard explains he was simply trying to find out about Rory's plans for Yale, but Richard also thinks Rory is too young to get married. Emily reminds him that with engagement and such, Rory would be 23, the same age she was when she married Richard. But Emily has other ideas to find out about Rory’s life. Emily and Richard go into the pool house, against Richard’s better judgment. Emily begins looking around, and finally, Richard does, too. Emily confesses that she did the same thing to Lorelai. She gasps as she spots the Birken Bag. They find nothing and leave.

Kirk is set up at the gazebo to promote the new street names. He hands Lorelai a map of historic Star's Hollow. Lorelai is stunned to learn that The Dragonfly Inn isn't on it, and even more surprised to find out that it is because Lorelai rejected the street name. Lorelai arrives home to a sea of new delivery boxes and the phone ringing. It's Emily, wanting an exact moment when Lorelai will pick up her dollhouse. Lorelai won’t give her one.

Lorelai arrives to an angry Luke at the diner. His street name changed, too, and now he has to change his mailing address. Plus, he got fined because kids are playing on the urn and he doesn't have a license for a jungle gym. He's mad at Taylor. Zen Luke is gone and Nuclear Luke is back. Lorelai says she's going to the town meeting and taking Taylor on. She doesn't even need coffee, because she is filled with righteous indignation.

At the Inn, Lorelai excitedly recaps the latest town meeting to Sookie and Michel. She told the town how the Dragonfly was left off the map and Taylor must be stopped. Taylor said if Lorelai donates $100 to the historical society, the Inn can be back on the map and on Third Street. Everything was great until Taylor patted Lorelai on the head and called her a "good girl." So she decided not to pay, and the Inn will stay on Sores and Boils Alley, despite Sookie and Michel's begging. In the midst of this, Lorelai’s phone rings. Emily wants to know why she hasn't come to pick up the dollhouse and gives Lorelei a short time window in which to pick it up before it gets donated to Goodwill. Lorelai tells her mother that she can’t come, and despite knowing how important the dollhouse is to her (and to Emily), if she really wants to be this mean and vindictive, then fine, she should give it away. Emily stands with drink in hand, angry that another attempt to manipulate Lorelai to come over is foiled.

Logan knocks on the pool house kitchen window as Rory makes a peanut butter sandwich. He's sneaking in so that Richard won't see him and bring him in for another talk. Rory says not to worry, that she spoke with her grandparents, but she enjoys the kitchen window entrance. She tells Logan about the conversation with the grandparents and they agree that everything is cool. Then, Rory stuns Logan by saying "I love you." She quickly tells him he doesn’t have to reciprocate, and he doesn’t. He explains he doesn’t want to say it and not mean it, and Rory doesn’t take offense. She remembers what it's like to be surprised with it. Luke is helping Lorelai go through all the boxes from Emily, which according to Lorelai, are all going to the Salvation Army. Just then, the doorbell rings. It's Richard. He brought Lorelai the dollhouse because he thought she'd want it. And, he says, "We need to talk about Rory."
Credit: Deborah

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