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Episode: Fight Face ...

Original Airdate: September 20, 2005

Lorelai and Sookie are gazing at the Twickham house, wondering how big the house is and how many rooms it has. Lorelai ponders her need to do tapestry, and that so much living space will allow her to finally get on with it. Sookie asks Lorelai if she’s feeling good about her engagement to Luke. Lorelai says she is, but Sookie isn’t convinced. After a short pause, Sookie asks again and Lorelai answers that she is completely re-evaluating the whole thing. Sookie looks appalled until she realizes Lorelai is joking. Sookie defends herself by reminding Lorelai that she has priors; sometimes she has said things while her heart really felt something else. Lorelai assures Sookie that this time she is not going to bolt. Sookie states that Lorelai’s eyes always give her away, anyway, because when something is wrong they look like they’re about to pop from their socket. She gets a look at Lorelai’s eyes, and comments they are where they should be, and pretty. Lorelai jokes to Sookie that she’s taken, and turns back to the house. She lets out a gasp. Sookie agrees that the house looks like it just got bigger.

The community service instructor is going over the rules and drops a pile of papers on a long-haired student’s desk to pass around. All attendees appear disinterested and at least potentially criminal. The instructor is running down the list of things forbidden at a community service shift - guns, knives, chains, razors, etc. - when Rory takes her paper.

At the diner, Luke is engaged in a massive rant about Star Wars inconsistencies. Lorelai argues, telling him that they saw the movie four months ago and he should get over it. Luke proceeds with his multiple points and Lorelai tells him to go and discuss it on a website with people who are more than willing to discuss all Star Wars movies at length. She reminds Luke that he was the one wanting to see the movie in the first place, so he shouldn’t be criticizing it, because that’s the rule. Luke then changes the subject to Bewitched, and Lorelai starts a rant of her own. Eventually, Lorelai’s cup of coffee is ready, and she ponders whether they should stop going to movies. Luke says he thinks they should stop caring so much about the movies. They kiss over the counter, Lorelai leaves with her coffee, and Luke smiles.

He then sees TJ, who is lovingly petting some shelves and telling Luke that they’re his best work. Luke comments they do look very…shelf-y. TJ is upset that Luke is not more excited, but Luke relies that he hardly ever gets excited about things like shelves. TJ offers to give the shelves to Luke as an engagement present. However, he tells Luke, since the price of the shelves has gone up since Luke ordered them, he’ll have to pay the difference, which comes up to the same price they had agreed on in the first place. Luke tries to get back to work, but TJ now moves on to Lorelai and remarks to Luke that their wives are hot. Luke reminds TJ that Liz is his sister, so he’d rather not hear about how hot she is. TJ calls him sensitive, and Luke has had enough. He tries to get rid of TJ. When that doesn‘t work, Luke tries to escape to his store room, but TJ runs after him to ask for Luke’s okay on a sign he wants to put on the shelves - “Shelves by AJ”. Luke makes the mistake of asking why “AJ” instead of “TJ”. TJ explains that he’d rather have his name at the top of the list in the yellow pages. He then produces a business card to Luke in which TJ used another business’s card and merely crossed out everthing and wrote in his own information. Luke finally escapes to the store room while TJ obnoxiously chats up a couple of customers about his shelves.

Lorelai attends the animal fair being held in the town square. As she pets a dog, she is approached by the fair manager, who congratulates her on bonding with the pet. Miss Patty suddenly appears at Lorelai’s side and tells her to back away from the poor dog. Lorelai tells Patty that the dog likes her, as does the pig she was playing with a moment before. Patty informs her that the pig looks dead. Lorelai objects, but the manager glances in the direction of the pig and declares something unusual is, indeed, happening. Patty proceeds to remind Lorelai of her bad record with pets, including a hamster, a rabbit and a turtle. Lorelai uncomfortably tries to give explanations to the concerned manager and turns to leave. She runs into Liz, who is running towards her with open arms. She congratulates Lorelai on the engagement and tells her how happy she is they will soon be sisters-in-law. Liz admires Lorelai’s ring and also shows off her own ring. She proceeds to tell Lorelai horror stories about what her ring did to her finger, and Lorelai bends a sympathetic ear. As Liz is about to go, she asks Lorelai whether Rory is going to be staying with her this summer. Lorelai avoids controversy by telling Liz only that Rory will be staying with her grandparents. Liz marvels at how close Lorelai and her parents must be. Lorelai smiles painfully. Liz leaves, and Lorelai turns around to find herself back in front of the dog’s cage. She suddenly decides to adopt him.

The Gilmores are discussing their day’s schedule around the breakfast table. Rory walks in, casually dressed. Her grandparents acknowledge her presence without pausing in their conversation. After a quick exchange with Rory about her earlier community service orientation meeting, they assure her it will all soon be nothing more than a bad memory and they both dash off to their busy day. Later, at the pool house, Rory is bored. She watches TV and then walks over to the main house. She is happy to find the maid and starts a conversion in Spanish. When Emily walks in to find Rory helping to polish silver, she makes it clear it is unacceptable for Rory to be conversing with the hired help. She realizes Rory has been hanging around the house aimlessly all day.

When Luke arrives to pick up Lorelai for their date, she introduces him to her newly-acquired dog, Paul Anka. Luke is not impressed, as he sees that Paul Anka already messed up the entire living room. Lorelai goes on to describe her lack of success in amusing Paul Anka with dog toys, and Luke brings up Miss Patty’s issue about Lorelai being particularly unsuccessful with pets in the past. As they head into the kitchen, Lorelai tells Luke about Paul Anka’s special fear of seeing people drinking. Luke now wonders just much money Lorelai spent on this dog. Lorelai notices Paul Anka eating and scoots Luke out of the house. Apparently, Paul Anka also needs privacy during his meals. Out on the porch, Luke tells Lorelai about the latest developments on acquiring the Twickham house. He hired contractors to do repairs and suggests they have the same people work on Lorelai’s house before they sell it and move. Lorelai says she doesn’t want to sell her house and tries to figure out an excuse to keep the house without renting it. Luke agrees to think about it. Looking into the house, Lorelai notices that Paul Anka has finished eating and they are free to go back inside.

Rory enters the Gilmores’ living room dressed for the evening. Emily and Richard announce their intention of helping Rory find a job that will be compatible with her community service. As Rory thanks them, a new maid walks in with a tray. She looks as stern as the previous maid was engaging.

The next morning, Lorelai is dealing with Paul Anka - the dog - and his strange fears on her way to work. Later, Rory walks in on a DAR reunion out on the Gilmores’ patio. The DAR ladies all gush over Rory’s wonderful qualities and offer her a job at the DAR office, provided that she first becomes a member. Emily informs them that she already has her application all filled out and suggest that Rory joins them for a drink. Things become a little awkward when Rory reminds Emily that she needs a ride to her first community service shift.

Lorelai comes home to find a guy named George standing on the roof of her house. After some time, Luke shows up on the roof, as well. He was busy assessing the amount of work that could be done on the house in order to extend the bedroom and bathroom. Lorelai is happy to hear that Luke realizes how much she loves her house and would prefer to live there instead of the Twickham house.

Emily and Rory are sitting in Emily’s jaguar with orange uniforms in the background outside. Emily is reading aloud the “dos and don’ts” of community service while Rory looks out apprehensively to her fellow offenders. She tells Emily she has to go because she doubts that staring from a jaguar is going to make her popular in the group. Emily agrees that staring is, in fact, high on the list of “don’ts,” along with the additional tip of leaving the fight face at home. She hands Rory a flowery lunch bag and a packet of cigarettes in case she needs to bribe anyone. She finally sends her off with one last reminder about not staring and the no-fight-face policy. After Emily drives away, the rest of the group just stares at Rory. She shakes the pack of cigarettes at them and asks if anyone wants a smoke.

At the diner, Liz barges into Luke’s conversation with George to beg him to hire TJ instead. After some time, Luke basically caves in and says he’ll consider it. Meanwhile, Rory and her group are picking up trash on the side of a road. Rory obviously doesn’t fit in with the rest of the crew, who keep bumping into her. At home, Lorelai walks into her room with a laundry basket and sees that there is now a huge hole in the wall where the window used to be. She races to the diner and silently drags Luke back home so he can witness the disaster. Luke realizes that TJ has been starting to “work” on the house. He confesses giving the job to TJ but says he hoped he would figure a way out before any damage actually happened. After Luke threatens to kill TJ, they head inside the house to fix the hole.

Rory comes home after what seems to have been a difficult shift. She changes clothes and heads over to Luke‘s. After some chitchat, Luke awkwardly announces that he and Lorelai are engaged. Rory’s congratulations are just as awkward, and she leaves.

The next morning, Lorelai walks out of the house to find TJ, Luke and an entire crew working on the house. Luke tells Lorelai about Rory’s visit, that she now knows they are engaged. When Lorelai bristles, Luke tells her he doesn’t want to be the middle person in their fight. After Lorelai argues that everything is Rory’s fault in the first place, he replies that he doesn’t care whose fault it was. He thinks they’re both being stupid and should be talking by now.

Back on the roadside, Rory has decided to bump back into her unfriendly community-servicers while picking up more trash. The bumping session ends up in a fight. Later, Rory is being lectured by a community service crew manager, who gives her the same advice as Emily: leave her fight face at home.

Lorelai is out driving and sees Rory and the other criminals on the side of the road, picking up trash. She makes a u-turn and goes back to talk to her. The conversation quickly morphs into an argument where both express their resentment: Lorelai at Rory’s moving in the pool house and Rory at Lorelai’s secret engagement. Rory finally says she’s not allowed to talk to outsiders during her shifts, and Lorelai walks away.
Credit: Aurélie

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