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Episode: Women of Questionable Morals ...

Original Airdate: January 25, 2005

Luke and Lorelai lay sound asleep when Lorelai suddenly awakens, sniffing. She wakes Luke and attempts to engage him in the sniffing, as well, of the first sign of winter: snow. Luke is focused on the cold as they go outside. Lorelai ignores Luke’s rant and goes into her own about her love of snow and its many forms. Luke responds with the various names of weather personalities who have made no mention of snow. Suddenly, big fluffy snowflakes rain in on them, much to Lorelai’s delight.

At the diner, a group of townsmen are at a table using colorful terms. Luke is curious as to what they are discussing. Taylor explains that with the first snow comes the town’s Revolutionary War re-enactment. Luke is disinterested as quickly as he was drawn to the conversation. Taylor explains that some new evidence has come to light regarding Stars Hollows’ participation in the revolution. It seems that a woman used her wiles to “occupy” the British general, allowing Lafayette the opportunity to ambush his troops. The only problem the townsmen are running into is what to call her. Lorelai comes in but declines coffee, as she is looking forward to having her first cup of joe in her new snow-covered inn. The townsmen begin to eye her. Luke tells her to walk out without making eye contact.

Emily is on the phone, walking through the house and making plans to get together with one of her friends, when she sees a dog on the patio. She calls Richard in a panic. Richard comes out of the poolhouse to inspect the situation. The dog has no collar, and Emily is unsure what to do. Richard doesn’t think that leaving the dog out in the cold is the solution, so Emily suggests that he go to the poolhouse, because that’s what it is for. Richard takes offense to the innuendo, but tells the dog to follow him, and it does. Emily praises this job well done.

At the Inn, Lorelai slips a little on the wet floor. She asks Michel to put out mats so that the guests don’t slip as well. Michel explains that the mats have been on backorder for eight months and that there will be less chance of guests slipping since they have already had four cancellations due to the weather. Lorelai refuses to accept that snow is anything but her friend and goes into another rant about this being classic Connecticut inn weather. Michel advises her to change the cancellation policy, but Lorelai doesn’t want their Inn to be corporate. She reminds Michel to find some sort of mats and goes into the kitchen to get her coffee. There, she finds a grumpy Sookie who won’t engage in playful humor because her car wouldn’t start. Sookie also explains that they are completely out of coffee because the new shipment is on backorder. Michel walks in to announce that the snow plows Lorelai was praising a moment ago have dropped a ten-foot mountain of snow in the driveway and there is no way in or out.

Back at Yale, Rory is headed out for her morning class and Paris is on hold with a call to C-span. Christopher shows up and tries to convince Rory to go to breakfast with him, but to no avail. Rory acts distant and busy. Christopher doesn’t give up, forcing Rory to be rude.

At the Inn, Lorelai is trying her hardest to stop another cancellation by going into a snow-loving description of the magical winter wonderland that others have failed to see. Unsuccessful, she reschedules them. Lorelai goes into the kitchen and slips again. She asks Michel where the mats are, and he informs her that he was out shoveling snow and didn’t have time to do it. He also informs her that the only customers who bothered to show up at all are AWOL. He is worried that they are lost in a snowstorm. Lorelai tells him to keep calling their cell phone. Sookie notices that Lorelai is dumping all the leftover coffee into one cup. Lorelai pretends to be cleaning up, but Sookie calls her out on the fact that she is going to drink the coffee. Lorelai is ashamed of herself and decides to go out for coffee. She slips again.

Emily knocks at the door of the poolhouse, curious because Richard’s car is still in the driveway. He explains that he took the morning off to stabilize the canine situation. He tells Emily that the dog is a girl and that he has found the exact breed on the Internet. Richard then brings up the website to an interested Emily. He explains that she could use it for things that interest her, as well, and brings up the Louis Vitton website. Emily giggles happily as she browses the site.

Rory’s class finishes, and she walks out only to find that Christopher has been waiting with coffee. He apologizes for just showing up and explains that his father is ill and he has been thinking about the relationship he has with Rory. He wants them to be closer than he ever was with his father. He apologizes again before leaving.

Auditions are being held at Miss Patty’s for the part of “Woman of Questionable Morals”. Kirk immediately contributes his opinion of Lulu. Taylor narrows the selection down, leaving Lulu still in the running. Miss Patty sees Kirk coaching Lulu and tells him not to be a pageant mom. Taylor spots Lorelai walking by and offers her part on the spot. Lorelai declines as she steps into a puddle of water and shrieks. Lorelai walks into Luke’s and demands coffee in any form. Luke asks how her day is and she explains the snowed-in driveway, the lost customers, and the hole she just stepped in. She notes the only bright side of the day was being asked to play a whore, and then Kirk bursts in screaming that his girlfriend got the part. Luke jokes about leaving her something on the dresser later to make her feel better.

Emily is on the phone informing the neighborhood busybody of the dog when Richard comes in. He asks for a bowl in order to feed the dog some of the stew his valet made for dinner. Emily caringly insists that Richard demand proper food. She hands him a bowl and Richard lets her know that the stew is history.

Lorelai is on the phone with Rory explaining the latest development in the town’s re-enactment while sewing the dress Lulu is to wear. Rory notices that her mother has failed to rave about the first snow. Lorelai explains that she and snow have had a bumpy ride. Lorelai asks Rory if anything exciting has happened on her end. Rory doesn’t mention the incident with Christopher but quickly changes the subject back to snow. Lorelai, unwavering, explains that it was just one bad day in the history of her relationship with snow and that tomorrow is a new day.

The new day finds Lorelai walking out to leave for work and finding her Jeep buried in snow. To top it off, a snow-covered branch falls from the tree and lands on the Jeep’s roof. Luke comes to help unbury it, and unsympathetically explains that it’s physics: Snow is heavy and she shouldn’t park her car under the tree. Lorelai gets even more agitated and goes into a full-blown rant about how she and snow are over, that despite their good times, she is completely in agreeance with Luke that snow is just a nuisance. Luke stops to watch her and has an uncomfortable look on his face. The snow begins to fall and Lorelai tells it that it’s too late to make up with her now.

The girls arrive for their Friday night appetizers and dinner. They are surprised to find Emily in the poolhouse. Richard explains the canine situation and that Emily is there to keep the dog company. He also has a drink made up for Emily and invites her into the conversation. Emily is curious to know when the girls got the bad news. Lorelai and Rory are clueless. Emily explains that Christopher’s father died. Richard asks Emily to sign his name to some flowers, but she already has. Richard and Emily become busy with the dog, giving Lorelai the opportunity to ask Rory if she knew anything. Rory downplays it and Lorelai goes on about this death and Sherry being gone and Christopher having the baby. Rory is racked with guilt.

Rory rings the doorbell of the Hayden house. A very disoriented Christopher answers. Rory apologizes and offers him a bag containing milk and cookies. She goes in. Later, as she is leaving, Rory calls Lorelai and begs her to visit Christopher because no one knew him as well as Lorelai. Lorelai smiles, since that was her intention all along. Lorelai pulls up behind Rory as she is leaving. Lorelai rings the doorbell and a surprised Christopher answers. He informs her that Rory just left and Lorelai tells him that they are working in shifts. She hands him a bag of tequila (grown up milk and cookies) and he responds with, “Come on in, friend.”

It is the morning of the re-enactment and the girls are at Luke’s. Lorelai is hung over and complaining about the loudness of everything around her. They discuss everything that happened with Christopher and how tortured he was. Lorelai also mentions how grateful Christopher was that Rory came. Kirk bursts into Luke’s in a panic looking for Taylor but not telling why. Luke comes to take their order and Lorelai only orders coffee. Luke notices that she doesn’t look so good but Rory tells him that they stayed up late. Lorelai feels guilty about lying to Luke, but Rory says it’s best that he not know about Christopher. The girls head outside to watch the re-enactment.

Outside by the gazebo, the reverend narrates as the camera crew films. There are three children who start the story. Taylor, as the British general, rides out on a horse and begins the cheesy dialogue he has prepared. Lulu walks out to play her part. Lorelai and Rory note that Lulu has gotten taller and bonier. On her cue to speak, Lulu tosses her hair, revealing that she is, in fact, Kirk. Taylor is livid as Kirk tries to explain that Lulu got sick and with the camera crew there and everyone interested, he didn’t want to let anyone down so he decided to play the part himself. Taylor, putting aside his rage, agrees that the show must go on and enters the “boudoir” with Kirk. Even the reverend snickers.

Emily enters the poolhouse to ask Richard how he feels about putting up fliers. Richard informs her that it will not be necessary, as the dog had been picked up by her owner the previous evening. It seems that one of Emily’s phone calls worked. Emily and Richard continue their discussion with obvious disappointment. Richard tells her that the dog’s name was Princess. Emily leaves under the excuse that she has a million things to do.

Lorelai pulls up to her house while on her cell, trying to sweet talk the plow people to clear the driveway at the Inn as quickly as possible. When she gets out of the Jeep, she finds Luke has built her a mini ice skating rink. Lorelai is blown away, asking why he did this. He explains that he felt bad about the rough time she was having with snow and that he wanted to get them back together. Luke doesn’t want Lorelai to be the grump that he is. He also tells her that he knows she was lying about why she looked so bad this morning. She tells him it was just a headache and diverts his attention back to the ice rink, which she skates around happily.
Credit: Desiree

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