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Episode: Raincoats and Recipes ...

Original Airdate: May 18, 2004

A sleepy Lorelai comes downstairs in the middle of the night to find Rory with too much energy. She is in the middle of doing laundry and talking nonstop about what she is getting done and what she still has to do. Rory goes into her bedroom, still talking, and Lorelai shuts the door behind her and puts a chair in front of it, locking Rory in so she can go back to bed.

The next day, things are bustling at the Dragonfly Inn while the crew prepares for a test run with their friends as guests. Lorelai is going Post-it mad, leaving them everywhere. Michel runs down the room list and Lorelai figures out that he has booked a room for his chow dogs. Kirk and Lulu get the room instead as a thankful gesture from Lorelai.

Meanwhile, Sookie is upset, as she hired seven kitchen staff members, hoping at least two wouldnít show up to bring the number down to the five they have budgeted. Alas, all seven have showed and are also really talented. She is unsure how and whom to fire. Michel mentions that Luke will be attending the test run and Lorelai becomes nervous. Lorelai congratulates Sookie on her wedding anniversary and Sookie runs out of the inn, clearly having forgotten it.

Rory wakes up to find a Post-it stuck to her forehead from Lorelai, indicating lunch at Luke's. Rory first heads over to Laneís, where they play video games and desperately try to figure out the appeal. Rory is surprised to learn that Lane still hides things under her floorboards when Lane grabs some snacks. Lane explains that now, more than ever, she needs to hide things because boys will eat anything, including the vanilla almond lotion she bought recently (which they ate with chips). Rory tells Lane about Jess coming to the dorm and his proposal to go away with him. Lane thinks itís romantic, but Rory isnít thinking about Jess; she realizes she didnít appreciate Dean when she had him.

At the diner, a suspicious Lorelai asks Rory to see if she can tell anything different about Lukeís demeanor toward her. Rory doesnít understand, so Lorelai takes her outside and explains that she and Luke might be dating but she isnít sure. Rory worries that her mother dating Luke canít be just casual and warns her that they must eat everyday. They go back in, where Lorelai becomes the incredible fumbling woman. Rory sees Dean walk by and waves, but he just frowns and changes direction.

At Friday night dinner, the girls are trading garnishes because Lorelai doesnít like the rabbit dinner which Emily claims is duck. Lorelai notices her parents are barely speaking, so she takes the opportunity to invite them to the test run under the guise that she wants her parents there to help celebrate the biggest event in her life since Rory was born. She hopes this will cause them to admit theyíve separated. Unyielding, they agree to come.

Kirk enters Lukeís in a panic. He begs Luke for a favor, saying Lulu is looking forward to their romantic getaway at the Dragonfly, but they have never spent the night together and he has a secret -- night terrors. Kirk explains that he wakes up in the middle of the night and everything takes on a threatening tone, resulting in Kirk somehow up on the roof or running down the street naked. Kirk asks Luke to stay in the room next to his and to jump in and pull him off of Lulu if he hears anything going down, unless, of course, it is a situation in which Luke doesnít think he should pull Kirk off. A disgusted Luke reluctantly agrees.

Moments before the guests arrive at The Dragonfly, doors still havenít been installed and Sookie is still undecided about who to fire. Taylor gives the first complaints about what Lorelai should change. The doors arrive as the guests check in, so Lorelai instructs the guests to just follow their doors to their rooms. Rory notices that Dean is helping install them, and she makes a quick getaway to find him. She asks him why he didnít wave back earlier or return her calls. Dean wonít answer her, and she insists nothing went on between her and Jess. She wonders why he cares so much as they move in closer. Tom interrupts the almost kiss between them. Lorelai asks her friends for their feedback in order to make the Inn as successful as possible. Taylor has already written down comments on his own suggestion cards. Kirk asks to have some things removed from the room in case of his night terrors, and tells a grumpy Michele, who refuses, that he must have never been in love. Luke brings flowers for Lorelai, who continues bumbling around him by running into one of the uninstalled doors.

At dinner, everything goes perfectly. Sookie hopes for bad service so she can fire someone, but all is well. Luke keeps his head down while playing Yahtzee with Miss Patty and Babette, since they are wearing bathrobes, one of which has already slipped open once.

Jason shows up at The Dragonfly in an attempt to finish the ďcooling offĒ period he thinks Lorelai has taken. She tells him itís over, but he is insistent that this relationship is worth fighting for and will wait until she has a break to talk things over. Lorelai tells Rory that the plan to lose some of the chefs backfired when all but one of them quit after being locked up with Michel for 20 minutes. Lorelai asks Rory to go home and grab some CDs that she forgot. Rory notices Jason, and so does Luke, who asks Babette to fill him in on the Jason situation. Emily walks in, unable to contain herself a moment longer. She is furious with Lorelai for putting she and Richard together, knowing that they are separated. The Gilmores see Jason and they leave. Jason asks if he can have their room.

Dean goes to the house looking for Rory. They talk about the almost kiss, and Dean tells Rory that he and Lindsay arenít happy and they canít make it work, try as they might. Rory suggests counseling as they move closer and closer. Dean tells Rory he can be happy again as they kiss, and he lowers her onto the bed.

Luke strikes up a conversation with Jason, hoping to get some information about the status of his relationship with Lorelai.
Jason takes the bait before excusing himself to go to the menís room, telling Luke that they are dating and have hit a rough patch, but that they are working it out. Lorelai shows up and Luke loses it. He wonders what he has been doing all this stuff for. He tells her that he did everything the book said. Lorelai wonders what book but lets him go on, confused, until he tells her he knows that she and Jason are dating. She tells Luke she is not taken. Luke grabs her and kisses her, and she kisses him back. They move in for a mutual kiss, but it is cut short by Kirk fleeing away from the inn naked and screaming. Luke goes after him.

Lorelai comes home to get supplies, calling out to Rory all the way through the house about how the night is turning out. Coming down the stairs, she finds Rory and Dean standing outside of Roryís bedroom, looking disheveled. Rory gives Lorelai a lame excuse about Dean borrowing something, and Dean quickly makes his exit. Lorelai peeks into Roryís room to see her bed unmade. Rory then assures her mother that everything is fine and they were safe, surprised to see that isnít the reason Lorelai is upset. Lorelai gives her a tough reality check on "that girl," the kind of girl who sleeps with someone elseís husband and blames the wife for his unhappiness. Rory storms out, telling Lorelai she hates her for ruining it. She tries to call Dean, but Lindsay answers so she hangs up. Lorelai is coming outside when Rory bursts into tears.
Credit: Desiree

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