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Episode: Last Week Fights, This Week Tights ...

Original Airdate: May 11, 2004

The renaissance-themed wedding of Liz and TJ has everyone coming together “for better or for worse." Kirk heckles Miss Patty during the Maypole rehearsal because he wasn’t selected as dance captain, even though he “already has 43 jobs,” as Lorelai puts it. The situation is quickly defused when Lorelai reminds him of a prior incident where Miss Patty had to beat him up. She also has to intervene when Sookie and Jackson argue about the size of Jackson’s radishes and a five-dollar bet is placed to see if they can shove one up Davy’s nose.

The girls manage to briefly catch up with one another by phone. Rory has one more final to go and feels like the last student at Yale. Lorelai feels Rory out on the Jess situation to see how she should let her know he is back in town. Cletus the horse has made his way into the dinning room for the last 20 minutes and neither Michel nor Sookie does anything about it, causing a new rule to be enforced at the Dragonfly.

With their finals out of the way, Rory’s roommates say their farewells. Rory begins to feel the pangs of loneliness when Tana's photo collage demonstrates that everyone has a partner while the closest thing to a partner Rory has is a picture of herself next to a statue.
Paris and Rory say their goodbyes as Paris heads off to England with Asher for the summer. Lorelai drops by Kim’s Antiques to buy a knocker for the Inn. Mrs. Kim asks her to deliver Lane’s mail, but Lorelai thinks that their fight has gone on long enough. She declines being the mailman and Mrs. Kim raises the price of the knocker.

Liz and her girlfriends are hanging out at Luke’s. Luke is making turkey legs for the wedding when a “delivery man” walks in with a package for Liz. Two steps ahead of what is going on, Jess leaves as a horrified Luke watches the women squeal in delight, asking for change so they can tip the stripper. Dean is out buying hygiene products for Lindsay and encounters Jess. While Richard is away on another business trip, Emily has made a few changes. She has music and food that Richard hates, but she denies this when Lorelai points it out. Emily digs to find out when Rory’s last final is and if she is dating anyone. Lorelai tries in vain to get Emily to admit that she and Richard are separated.

While Lane and her roommates discuss the telephone bill, Lane gets a surprise visit from her Aunt June who is there on Mrs. Kim’s behalf to schedule a visit. Rory is finishing her packing when Emily shows up, claiming she was in the area having lunch with a friend who happens to have a son Rory’s age. Emily leaves the two of them together and Graham invites Rory out for Saturday evening with some friends. Graham helps Rory finish taping up her boxes. Luke, Jess and TJ get ready for the wedding, and a love affair between TJ and his tights begins.

Luke and Lorelai meet up to attend the wedding of TJ and Liz. Luke tries to ward off crazy Carrie by telling her that he can’t dance, and Liz has a dress malfunction that Lorelai quickly helps her fix at Miss Patty's. As Lorelai is leaving, she notices a self-help book in Jess’s backpack. The wedding begins, and the singing minister plays guitar while Luke and Lorelai try desperately to contain themselves. Mrs. Kim comes to see Lane's new living accommodations, and Lane introduces her to her roommates Zack and Brian, who are on their best behavior. As Mrs. Kim looks around, she bolts without further explanation. She finds Lorelai in the square and complains that Lane is now dirty. Lorelai points out that at least Lane was being honest and advises Mrs. Kim that she should think of the boys as girls. Mrs. Kim goes back with a plan and has tea. Liz and TJ make the rounds, thanking everyone, while TJ recommends wearing tights.

Lorelai tries to engage Luke in poking fun at Jess for having a self-help book. Luke becomes defensive and walks off, leaving Lorelai confused, since she doesn't know it his actually his book. Meanwhile, Rory goes on her date with Graham, who turns out is not her type at all. He leaves her at the bar alone. Rory calls Dean to pick her up. They have dinner together at the bar when the waitress tells them that Graham’s tab is still open. Luke returns and Lorelai apologizes. Luke asks her to dance and the Luke/Lorelai romance officially begins. As Luke drops Lorelai off at home, she tells him her favorite part of the wedding was the dance. Luke asks her if she’d like to go out again and a stunned Lorelai accepts, not sure if they have actually just agreed to go out on a date together.

Jess heads back out of town, but not before telling Luke he appreciates everything he has done for him. Dean walks Rory back to Yale and Rory wonders where Lindsay thinks he is. Jess shows up and Rory asks an obviously jealous Dean to leave so she can deal with Jess. Jess then tells Rory that he is ready to start a life with her and asks her to go with him to New York. Rory, still hurt by Jess slipping out of town the first time without saying goodbye, says no. Jess offers her one more chance to say yes if she doesn't mean it, but she does. Jess leaves and Rory sits alone at Yale and cries.
Credit: Desiree

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