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Episode: Luke Can See Her Face ...

Original Airdate: May 4, 2004

Lorelai opens the front door to find a large cat sitting on the porch, staring as she reaches to get the paper. She closes the door and calls Rory, telling her that even the cats know that she broke up with Jason and she is single. Lorelai is insisting she will not become a crazy cat lady. Rory tries to calm her down, but when Lorelai looks out the window to see there are now two cats, she tells them she is a young, desirable woman.

Lorelai wakes in the night, calls The Dragonfly and leaves a message of things to do. She puts her head down, then calls again with another list of things to do. Luke opens the door to the diner to find Lorelai waiting - at 5:00 in the morning - for coffee. She is having doubts she can handle the Inn, and Luke reassures her, offering to take a tour if she will eat something. Lorelai agrees. Kirk enters the diner, wanting to sit at the table where Lorelai is sitting, even though every other table is empty with chairs on them. Lorelai gives up and moves.

Later, at the Inn, Michel is sitting on the floor at the Inn listening to the numerous messages Lorelai left. Lorelai walks in and Michel rants. He is demanding a desk and chair when Luke shows up for his tour.

Sookie and Shell Sauseman, the new poultry supplier who is recently divorced, are talking when Luke and Lorelai walk in. Sookie introduces Lorelai and then quickly bails out of the kitchen in what is obviously a set up. Lorelai introduces Luke as her "special friend," leaning into Luke and pulling his arm around her while talking to Shell. Shell is clearly uncomfortable and leaves. Lorelai wonders why it is so hard to have a relationship. She envies Luke, who at least was married once. Luke points out that at least Lorelai had a kid. They discuss their relationship failures, and Lorelai sees Dr. Phil books in their futures. Luke reassures her that she can do this, and when Lorelai teases that she longs for Shell, Luke reminds her that she is not a chicken girl.

Rory is in class with Asher Fleming while Paris hovers outside in the doorway. Class ends and Paris rushes in, pretending to talk with Rory while she really waits for Asher. Rory is tired of covering for Rory and Asher’s secret relationship, but Paris tells her that they are leaving for Oxford for the summer, so it is going to come out eventually. Asher leaves before Paris can get his attention.

Luke selects a few books from the bookstore and won't let Andrew, the clerk, scan them because he is afraid of what Andrew will think. Andrew is left with the impression that Luke is buying porn. Luke takes out a $100 bill to cover it, even though it's too much. He starts to leave but comes back for a bag to disguise his purchase.

Later, in his apartment, Luke grabs a boom box off a shelf to play a tape as he looks toward the door to make sure no one is coming. The tape is a self-help tape about how to get love. He sighs as the tape says that if he craves love, he deserves love, and he should say that. He can't say the words. The tape says that some people may not even be able to say it, but it will get easier. It doesn't get lower for Luke than being told to take out the workbook, but he does it.

At the Inn, Lorelai freaks out when Sookie suggests there may be a problem with the zucchinis for the opening day soup. Lorelai says they must have the zucchini soup, so Sookie must tell Jackson she just has to have them. The two overhear Dean arguing with Lindsay. He's working late again but they are supposed to go out with friends. He won't leave because they need the money. Lindsay accuses Dean of being selfish and never thinking of her. She tells him she is bored and she is going without him. She storms out as Sookie and Lorelai look uncomfortable.

Luke continues listening to the tape, this time in his truck. Liz and TJ knock on the truck window, scaring Luke, but then scare him further by informing him that they are getting married the next week in Star's Hollow. TJ invites Luke to his bachelor party and tells him he wants Luke to be the best man. Luke agrees to everything. Liz looks so happy and tells Luke about the details of a renaissance wedding. He wants to know how they are going to do it so quickly. She says everything is taken care of so Luke won't have to do anything. She also tells him that Jess knows about the wedding but told Liz he won't be coming.

Rory comes home for a movie night with Lorelai since there's no Friday night dinner. Emily made excuses, but it is clear that she is staying in a hotel and hiding it. Lorelai decides to wait until the parents crack. Rory wants to know how things at the Inn are, and Lorelai shares the ugly gossip that Dean and Lindsay had a major fight. Rory tries to act disinterested, but it doesn't work.

Luke is in the dark hall of an apartment building looking for a number. He knocks on the door and Jess opens it, revealing a room consisting of mattresses on the floor with clothes everywhere. Jess is defensive when Luke wants to know why Jess isn't coming to Liz's wedding. When Jess says he'll just catch the next one, Luke tells him this one is different and if Jess misses it, he is going to feel like crap because he missed something good for his mother. Jess's beeper goes off, prompting him to leave, but not before Luke leaves first, telling Jess that he owes him and he wants him there.

It’s a stressful morning at the diner. Luke is on the phone trying to find wheat stalks for Liz's wedding. He got sucked in to helping set things up. Lorelai comes in for coffee and finds out about the wedding. When Luke asks if she knows where to find myrtle, Lorelai points out that her to-do list is too long and Luke shouldn't add to it. Lorelai wants to know if she is caught up on everything new that is happening, and as soon as Luke says yes, Jess walks in the door, saying that he is staying with Luke so he doesn't have to pay for a hotel room. Lorelai throws Luke a look, and Luke tells her he wasn't sure if Jess would come so he didn't mention it. Lorelai takes her coffee and goes to work on the to-do list.

At Yale, Rory gets a call from Paris. She's calling from a hospital.

Later, in Luke’s apartment, Jess starts to look at the tape Luke was listening to and Luke panics, telling him to stay away from it. Jess leaves. Luke starts the tape. He took a test and his score was really bad. The tape asks a series of questions about his ultimate companion: whose phone calls or visits are never unwanted, who do you want to share news with, whose face do you see. As Luke listens, he realizes the face he sees.

Rory is at the hospital looking for Paris, who isn’t hard to find -- Rory can hear her through the elevator door. Paris brought Asher to the hospital after he had chest pain. It makes Paris realize he's old, and she begins re-thinking their relationship.

Lorelai, Michel and Sookie are in Sookie's living room discussing pillowcases and other things for the opening of the Inn. Sookie tells Lorelai that Jackson is literally sleeping with the zucchini to make sure a cold front doesn't damage them, since Lorelai told him to do whatever it took to make sure they were ready for opening day. Lorelai finally sees how obsessive they all have been and goes out to tell Jackson to come inside. Michel and Sookie tag along.

Meanwhile, Luke, TJ, TJ’s brother and a friend are at TJ's bachelor party at the bar. A dancer asks Luke if he wants a lap dance. He declines and makes sure not to sit down, thereby not providing a lap. Jess walks in with a book. He sits down and moves a beer in front of him. Luke sees it but says nothing.

Rory and Paris are still at the hospital. Paris has decided to break up with Asher and asks Rory to wait for her. When she goes to see him, he tells her how devoted he is to her and Paris feels comforted. In the meantime, Asher’s granddaughter comes and sits with Rory, who thinks the girl is another adoring student Asher is stringing along. Asher and Paris meet Rory in the hall, where Paris declares she is going with Asher to Oxford. Rory awkwardly leaves as fast as possible.

Back at the bachelor party, two women are mud wrestling. TJ notices that Jess isn't even watching; he's reading his book. TJ takes the opportunity to tell Jess that Liz wants him to walk her down the aisle and it's really important to her. When Jess says no, a fight ensues and everyone gets kicked out of the bar.

Michel, Sookie and Lorelai arrive at the zucchini patch to rescue Jackson. In discussing how insane they‘ve each become, they decide to drop something from each of their to-do lists and they all lay back to look at the stars, finally relaxing for the first time in weeks.

Luke and Jess return to Luke‘s and sit in the dark. Luke apologizes to Jess for trying to change him and making him return to Stars Hollow for his mom’s wedding.
Jess opens up to Luke that he doesn’t hate him; the real reason he came was for Luke. The reason he didn't want to come was Rory. Jess confesses to Luke that he told Rory he loved her when he was in Star's Hollow a few months back. The two argue about relationships, and Luke says that Jess cut off two-way communication, talking about "Phil and Judy" from his tapes. Jess listens, believing Luke has lost his mind. Luke just smiles, telling Jess to stay tuned.

Michel, Sookie, Jackson and Lorelai wake up in the zucchini patch after a great night's sleep. Luke pulls up in the driveway as Lorelai gets home. When she tells him about her previous night‘s sleeping arrangements, Luke reminds her about Liz's wedding and suggests they go to the wedding together as a break for her. Lorelai agrees. Watching Luke leave, she senses something is different about him.

Luke goes back to the apartment and hands Jess his tapes and book and tells him to enjoy; he doesn't need them anymore.
Credit: Deborah

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