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Episode: Tick, Tick, Tick, Boom! ...

Original Airdate: April 20, 2004

We open at Luke's, where Lorelai is having breakfast with Sookie, Jackson and Davy. Lorelai and Sookie are cute, feeding baby Davy while Jackson questions the baby talk they use. Luke comes over to announce they have one minute to order, and six minutes to eat 'cause he doesn't like babies and the noise they make. Jackson almost jumps at Luke's throat, feeling defensive towards his son. Lorelai points out that Davey has not made a peep, but Luke predicts that he will, "at the worst possible moment". Instead, Taylor walks in, and greets the party merrily. He looks different, and sure enough he's wearing some kind of wig. After a few words about his holiday in the Caribbean, he starts questioning Luke about a weird smell outside the diner. Luke suggests the answer might be under the thing on Taylor's head. Before he can reply, everyone is agreeing that there's indeed a weird smell all over town. Ignoring more hair jokes, Taylor conjectures that there might be skunks in town. Lorelai says the town is old, and th
at's probably the reason for the smell. Kirk jumps in to support Taylor's opinion, and offers to check people's houses for the beasts. Taylor declines, and goes out to take care of the smelly business. It needs to be settled before the flower show that is to take place the following week. As one minute has passed, Luke comes back to take the baby party's order – since they are not ready, he says the extra ordering time will be taken down from their eating time. Encouraged by Sookie, Jackson tries to summon back some of his earlier defensive agressivity, but fails. Luke concludes that they will only have five minutes to eat.

At the Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai and Sookie are having fun watching Dean and Michel move a bookcase around in order to find the best arrangement for the lobby. Dean is trying to be supportive, while Michel complains loudly and threatens to send Lorelai his manicure bill. Dean ends up moving the bookcase alone. Lindsay walks in, and the picture of the happy couple is too much for poor Michel, who declares his hatred of the bookcase. Tom comments that if they had ordered the furniture through him, not only would it fit perfectly, but they also would have avoided all the drama.

At Friday Night Dinner, Richard has big news concerning Jason and himself. They are not pregnant, as Lorelai suggests, but close enough: they have acquired another company. The new company in fact consists of one person, and Emily is lamenting at the prospect of having to spend an evening in celebration with the newly acquired Bob and his wife. two times 'acquire' in one paragraph, maybe too much? don't have an other suggestion, though, maybe you do.

Taylor is putting up with more comments about his new hair from customers of the soda shop. Kirk finally reveals that the smell comes from the Easter eggs Taylor had him hide in the square for the children's amusement a couple of weeks previously. It turns out that although the kids had fun looking for the eggs, they only found 241 out of 300, and therefore 59 eggs are rotting around town for all to smell.

Jason, Richard and Bob are having a casual work meeting at the golf course. Business is brisk as Jason's golfing abilities are being laughed at by his partners. A golf course casualty appears in the form of Jason's father. After a few minutes of small talk, the dreaded Floyd invites himself and his wife to dinner at the Gilmore's on the following Friday.

Back at the Gilmore house, the meaning behind this dinner is analysed. Richard and Jason conclude that peace will be made, while Emily rushes off to make arrangements: since Rory and Lorelai will also be there on Friday, it will be dinner for seven.

At Yale, Dean carries the bookcase from the inn into Rory's dorm, while Glenn is having a lot of trouble dragging a keg upstairs. Dean offers to help him, but Rory says that Glenn needs to do that on his own in order to fully appreciate the party on Friday. Dean seems pleased to hear that Rory will not be going to the party, but will be going back to Stars Hollow instead, where she will study for her two papers, due the following week. In Rory and Paris' bedroom, it turns out that there is even less room to fit the bookcase than there was back at the inn. Dean rightly wonders why Lorelai asked him to take it here, if there was no room for it, but good humouredly agrees to take it back – he says seeing Rory's place at Yale was worth the trip. However, the discussion turns sour when it transpires that Dean is taking a break from college to earn money so he and Lindsay can buy a townhouse. Rory disagrees and says he should go to school. She says she's concerned about Dean dropping out of college altogether. He says it won't be like that, but Rory insists it's a bad idea. Dean gets mad and leaves.

In Stars Hollow, Taylor is briefing a group of volunteers before the hunt for the missing Easter eggs starts. Eager to make up for his mishandling of the egg situation in the first place, Kirk is overenthusiastic about the hunt, and yelling encouragements to everyone.

Jason is cooking dinner for him and Lorelai at his place. While the food is cooking, they are trying to decide which spot in the living room is best for the plant Lorelai brought over. In a discussion about the upcoming Friday Night Dinner, Jason admits he is quite nervous, and doesn't really know what to expect from his father. He is annoyed at the prospect of being called Digger. Then, he reveals that his parents have hated all of his girlfriends, and Lorelai starts to get nervous too. Somehow, this is reassuring for Jason so, by the time the cow-shaped kitchen timer moos, all angst about the prospective Friday night dinner has lifted.

Rory and Lane are walking across town and discussing music. As they reach the square, Lane gives Rory an update on the egg hunting. Taylor, Kirk and Joe pass by, and we learn that more than half the eggs are still missing, and volunteers are quitting the search. Between the egg business and more jokes about his hair, Taylor really misses the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Lane and Rory are shopping for Lane's new place. Rory offers Lane the leftover bookcase, and proceeds to tell Lane about Dean's visit to her dorm. She starts criticising Lindsay for forcing Dean to drop out of college regardless of what would be best for his future. As they turn an aisle in the shop, she finally asks the questions we all want answered: why doesn't Lindsay get a job? What does she do all day? … and Rory finds herself face to face with Lindsay who overheard the whole conversation. She looks upset and walks away without saying a word.

A desperate Kirk enters Luke's. He says he hasn't slept for one and a half days. Luke is sympathetic and offers him a cup of coffee. Taylor comes in to order some lunch. Kirk assures him he won't let him down, and proceeds to explain his strategy to find the last twelve eggs. Taylor tries to ignore him, and finally bursts out angrily that Kirk is torturing him; all the volunteers quit, the missing eggs will never be found, so Taylor will have to cancel the upcoming flower show. Kirk insists it won't be necessary to cancel as he will find the eggs on time. However, Taylor dismisses him saying that he clearly cannot be trusted. He yells at Kirk for bringing disaster upon the fine town of Stars Hollow, and making Taylor's life miserable. He concludes that he lost his appetite over it all and ruthlessly leaves Kirk even more desperate than before. Luke looks ever more sympathetic.

When Lorelai and Rory arrive at the Gilmore house on Friday evening, Richard and Emily are outside on the patio, fretting about the last preparations for the dinner. Jason has been there for a while, and says they keep moving things around. Richard goes to fetch a bottle of Gin that Floyd likes. Emily notices that Lorelai is unusually dressed up, and asks her why. Lorelai admits that she made an effort to dress nicely because she knew it was an important night for everyone and she wanted to be supportive. Emily drops the matter to answer the door, but Rory picks up the questioning. She realises that Lorelai is officially meeting Jason's parents. Emily, Richard and the guests appear. Introductions are made, and Jason's mother enquires whether Lorelai dressed up especially to meet them. She says she didn't, and that it's not unusual for her to be dressed up. Richard starts serving drinks, Emily shows Jason's mother around the garden, and Jason's father sits down with Jason, Lorelai and Rory. They engage in a conversation about a summer camp Jason and Lorelai went to as kids. Richard and Floyd join their wives with their drinks, leaving Jason and Lorelai behind. Jason remarks that his father is in a particularly good mood that evening.

At the dinner table, pictures of Jason's nephew are being passed around, and commented on. Emily offers to get pictures of Rory. Instead, Rory asks to be excused, and Lorelai confirms that she has a lot of work to do over the week-end. Everyone agrees that Rory should not be kept any longer. Emily assumes that Lorelai will also leave, but she says they came separately. The men retire to Richard's office to smoke cigars, and the ladies remove to the living room for a glass of brandy. Emily and Jason's mother are delighted to be friends again, and decide they should not let their husbands' business come between them.

In Richard's office, Richard is telling the Stiles how he outsmarted his cigar supplier a few years before after they refused to reserve a small supply of his favourite cigars for him. Floyd is amused by the story. Jason compliments Richard on his creativity in dealing with the cigar supplier. Floyd comments that indeed insurance men have to be creative, and like in Richard's cigar story they sometimes need to take a little revenge. And he announces matter of factly that he is suing Richard and Jason's company. Seeing them act surprised, he snorts that if Richard felt the need to take revenge on his cigar supplier, he can hardly be surprised that Floyd needs to take revenge on people who stole half of his clients from him. Jason and Richard say he has no ground for suing them, since they have carefully studied Jason's contract, and the "non-competing" clause was not broken. However, Jason had lunch with one of Floyd's clients, and that fact can be used against them. Floyd announces he doesn't necessarily need to win the case, he just wants to bury their company under legal fees for long enough to bankrupt them. Floyd says he knows their financial situation will not resist a lengthy legal process. He leaves the room, followed by Jason who is demanding that he calls the law suit off. Richard casts Jason an angry look, and follows.

In the living room, an unsuspecting Emily is telling her guest about Rory's coming out. Noise of the argument reaches them. Emily wonders what is going on. Jason's mother immediately gets up to leave. Jason whines about the situation, while Richard declares they are prepared to fight. Floyd then proceeds to reveal how much he knows about Richards financial situation, not to mention Jason and Lorelai's relationship. The elder Stiles leave, and Jason runs after them. Lorelai and her shocked parents remain still in an awkward silence until Jason returns a few minutes later. He and Richard go back into the office to discuss the situation. Emily tells Lorelai she can leave now. She says her car is blocked in the driveway. Emily acknowledges and leaves the room.

Back in Richard's office, Richard angrily blames Jason, who weakly defends himself, and asks Richard to trust him. He admits he's been dating Lorelai for five months, and the length of that secret period does not go down well with Richard, who admonishes that Jason does have a lot to be sorry about. Jason apologizes and proposes a course of action to Richard. Richard agrees to trust Jason with the situation.

Jason catches up with Lorelai in the driveway, and they go back to Jason's to drink the night off, each with the beverage of their choice.

A sleepless Kirk is wandering uselessly on Star Hollow's square, still looking for the missing Easter eggs. After scaring the living daylights out of an honest elder town woman, Kirk collapses on the lawn. He's clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Luke chivalrously appears out of thin air with the twelve missing eggs and saves Kirk's day. He is rewarded by Kirk noisily declaring his love for his saviour out in the town square, which is surprisingly busy at this time of night.

More town craziness ensues as Rory stops by the Stars Hollow traffic light on her way back from her grand parents. Dean runs to her car, and takes her to a neighbouring dark alley to talk. He says he tried to call her on her cell, and apologizes for his reaction when she expressed disapproval of his quitting University. He says he shouldn't have yelled at her. Rory apologizes too, and says that she had no right to criticize his decisions, and although she still thinks he should continue going to college, it's really up to him to decide what he wants to do. Dean says it's ok, and he is glad she's concerned about him. She says that Lindsay may have overheard her discussing the situation with Lane at Doose's, and apologizes for hurting her feelings. Dean says she was indeed upset. Rory asks confirmation that Lindsay knows that Dean talks to her about these things anyway. Dean says she knows now, and she doesn't want Dean to see Rory anymore. Rory conceeds that it's understandable, but Dean says he doesn't want to stop seeing Rory. Rory says she doesn't want to stop seeing Dean either. They're suddenly a bit uncomfortable. They split and go home.

Richard is having a drink on the patio. Emily comes out and asks him about their financial situation. She wants to know whether Floyd was right in saying Richard jeopardized his pension. Richard tells her that everything is going to be all right.

At Jason's, Lorelai and Jason are still drinking on the sofa, and commenting on the evening. Jason says that the bright side of it is that at least their relationship is now in the open. He says that he also managed to calm down Richard before he left, and he is confident that things will be looking up soon. Lorelai notices that the plant she brought earlier is already dead, and wonders how it could have happened so quickly.

Richard aces a shot on the golf course, and is complimented by Floyd. They go over the decisions that were taken during the business meeting they just held on the green. Floyd is to drop the lawsuit. Clients are to be split evenly between the two companies. Richard shall come back to work with Floyd, and have his own company under Floyd's company's umbrella. And they finally agree that "Jason is out". Floyd remarks it's a beautiful day, and Richard concurs. They walk away, as we fade to black.
Credit: Aurélie

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