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Episode: The Nanny and the Professor ...

Original Airdate: January 20, 2004

The girls discuss the word culs-de-sac while walking through town. Lorelai just can’t believe that is the plural form of cul-de-sac and starts saying the plural of other words incorrectly just to bait Rory. They head to Luke’s, where they find Lane is now working. Lorelai wonders what else Luke is hiding. Luke is already predicting the end of the relationship because Lane works without prompting and isn’t challenged by the job. Rory plans to head back to campus early since the roommates will still be gone for break, but doesn’t tell Lorelai about Paris’ new relationship with the professor. Lorelai keeps throwing out her new plural forms of words and Rory ignores her.

Lorelai is walking through town again, this time with Michel on the way to Sookie’s for a Dragonfly employee meeting. Tobin (who has returned from his short stint as a Mormon) is there holding Davey, much to Michel’s dismay, who hopes he is being Punk'd. Michel is disgusted to learn that Tobin is Davey’s nanny, and overcome with jealousy, points out that the meeting is for inn employees only. The girls seem enamored with Tobin and they gush when he even picks out the same type of trim that they did. Michel fumes.

Lorelai brings up the word culs-de-sac at Friday night dinner, still not believing that normal people know this is the correct pronunciation of the word. Emily and Richard tempt the girls with dessert they have brought back from Switzerland, only it turns out to be marzipan. Lorelai refuses, until she finds out her pieces were specially selected in the shape of bunnies. The girls dig in and try to keep it down. Jason shows up with papers for Richard to sign, and Lorelai makes sure Emily offers him some marzipan, as well, so she can take the opportunity to spit hers into a napkin. Rory is still hopelessly chewing while Jason quickly leaves after the tasting. Rory is finally outed by the grandparents and spits hers out, as well.

Lorelai makes a quick getaway out of the room to call Jason before he has left the premises and they talk on their cell phones while looking at each other through the window of the Gilmores’ house. They make plans to hook up later.

Rory, back at school early from break, is happy to enjoy the peace and quiet of being alone when she spots Paris out the window, kissing the professor good-bye and heading in. The two awkwardly make small talk when Paris comes in, and Paris mentions Jamie, as if they are still together. Rory pretends to know nothing and Paris ducks out of sight.

Lorelai knocks an old pizza box off the counter and decides just to sweep its crusty contents under the dishwasher. Rory walks in mid-sweep and scares her. When Lorelai questions her quick return, Rory tells her that Paris is back…with a new boyfriend. When she finally reveals it is a much-older professor, Lorelai freaks out, and Rory complains about how badly Paris is treating Jamie. Lorelai gently reminds her of Dean and Rory argues it is not the same thing. After discussing it to death, Lorelai finally whips out with “He’ll always have Paris.” They are interrupted by a hysterical phone call from Michel, insisting Lorelai come over to Sookie and Jackson’s place immediately, and she heads out, telling Rory she’ll pick up dinner. Rory suggests they can always eat what is under the sink.

Michel meets Lorelai outside on the sidewalk, pushing her inside and dragging her upstairs. She has no idea what is going on and Michel goes into a rant about how he offered to watch the baby, “it” started to cry, “it” wouldn’t stop, and finally, when he invented “Baby Crepe,” rolling the baby back and forth in a blanket, he rolled the baby under the bed. There Davey lies asleep. While both argue about the baby’s name being Davey, not Truman, Michel starts to take off his shirt before lifting the bed and Lorelai insists that it stays on. Michele finally lifts the bed, and Lorelai rescues Davey and puts him safely in his crib. Lorelai wants to know what is going on with Michel and the baby-sitting. He finally admits that he hates Tobin and is afraid he is going to be replaced by him. Lorelai assures him that she and Sookie love him, he is part of the Dragonfly, and everyone would be happier if he stayed away from the baby.

Rory and Paris are busy making newspaper hats at the Yale Daily News, their first task as new staff members. Another new staffer, Glenn, isn’t doing so well, and he rants about hazing and torture when Doyle, the editor, shows up and reminds him without a hat he isn’t on the paper. Glenn goes for more paper. Doyle makes a speech about the new and old Yale staff and begins to rant about Time Magazine. Paris asks Rory for her opinion on the interview with Asher Flemming, which Rory tries to avoid answering. Paris sneaks out after receiving a phone call. Rory knows where she is going and tries to dissuade her, but Paris heads out anyway.

Jason brings Lorelai back to his place after a date and she critiques his apartment and meets his well-trained dog, Cyrus, who at first passes for a stuffed animal. They kiss while Cyrus watches, until Jason shows off one of Cyrus’s tricks: he can turn around and face the other direction. At the paper, Doyle is freaking out when Rory returns with ice cream for him, and Doyle finally explains his rejection by Time Magazine as the reason for his ranting to the staff. Glenn complains about Paris leaving, and Rory is forced to cover for her when Doyle bristles.

Jason brings Lorelai, now in his bed wearing a negligee, a glass of water and they discuss how many calories they have just burned. She is caught off guard when Jason poses a “quirky” question: would Lorelai mind sleeping in the guest room. Lorelai looks at Jason like a deer in headlights as he explains he must sleep alone. She offers to leave, but Jason insists he really wants her to be there and make her breakfast the next morning; he just can’t sleep in the same room with her. He begs her just to look at the guest room, and Lorelai reluctantly agrees. She is surprised to find a gorgeous room complete with stocked mini bar and a plasma TV. Jason explains he just can’t have distractions when trying to sleep, listing Lorelai just under the plasma TV. He again asks her to spend the night, and this time she agrees. At first unsure, she happily snuggles into the big, plush bed and watches TV.

Paris, who is not so quietly sneaking in, tries to wake Rory without looking like she’s doing it on purpose. She obviously wants to talk about her relationship with the professor, but Rory feigns being asleep as long as possible. She finally snaps and yells at Paris for leaving the meeting at the newspaper and Rory having to cover, and not wanting to know what she was doing or with whom, especially the whom. Lorelai’s morning is much better, coming downstairs to find Jason making her breakfast in after she watched a movie on the plasma TV and took a Jacuzzi bath. They talk over breakfast about telling the Gilmores about their relationship. Lorelai begs Jason to keep it quiet for the moment, no matter how exhausting it may be, afraid of what nightmare will ensue from her parents. She promises to tell them eventually, and he agrees.

When Lorelai arrives for Friday night dinner, she is joined by a group of strangers who apparently are there to attend some sort of event. Once she gets inside she finds that the Gilmore home is now part of a walking tour. Guests comment on the real-looking family eating dinner, and Richard blows up, stating he feels like he is in a zoo. Lorelai offers a suggestion to behave as the monkeys do, but Emily cuts her off before she can finish explaining what that means. Richard finally loses it when an 85-year-old man touches his desk, stating that “it’s never too late to learn a lesson.” When he mentions the fibromyalgia function he and Emily attended the night before, Lorelai finds out that Jason was in attendance with a girl not wearing underwear. Richard comments that she was beautiful, and Emily declares she was perfect for Jason. Lorelai uncomfortably tries to find out more without seeming interested in Jason.

The next day, construction continues at the Dragonfly. When Jason shows up unexpectedly, Lorelai tries to freeze him out by leaving him to introduce himself to Sookie and Michel and giving him the one-minute tour of the property. He finally confronts her and she blows up about “Crystal,” the bare-butted woman he took to the fibromyalgia function. He reminds her she doesn’t want her parents to know they are dating, and he must bring a date to business functions, but he has no interest in any other woman but her…and Eartha Kitt. He wants to come clean with Richard and Emily, but Lorelai tells Jason she will just have to adjust. They banter back and forth while she gives him a proper tour of the Dragonfly.

Rory finds out the following day that her professor for contemporary political fiction is none other than Paris’s new man-toy. When he brings up the someone they have in common, she squirms in her seat until her mentions her grandfather. Rory ponders a long semester ahead.
Credit: Andee

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