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Episode: The Festival of Living Art ...

Original Airdate: November 4, 2003

Lorelai and Rory are discussing Lorelai’s addiction to clipping coupons in the kitchen. They comment on the horrible music that is in the background, coming from Lane's band, practicing in the garage.

Rory finds that the washing machine is broken and has no place to do her laundry. Lane comes in and puts her head under the kitchen faucet, irritated by the lack of skills the guitarist she is auditioning portrays.

Lorelai then arrives at Sookie’s house to find that Jackson’s brother, Beau is staying with them to see the birth of their baby. Beau is cranky and acknowledges Lorelai with only a few grunts. Sookie explains that the baby was scheduled to be due a week ago, and that they are going to have the birth at home. Jackson also chimes in to convince Lorelai that home births have several advantages. Lorelai tries to act supportive and hide the fact that she is horrified of the idea of Sookie giving birth at home.

Taylor calls an emergency town meeting and all the regular attendees are curious about the issue he plans to discuss. Kirk goes out of his way to make sure that everyone is aware of the fact that he has a girlfriend.

Lane tells Rory about a guitarist she interviewed on the phone for the band audition. Taylor announces that the town of Woodbury had been flooded and that Stars Hollow will now be hosting the “Festival of Living Art” for the second time. He explains that the festival will feature famous painting recreations with real people posing as the art. He also introduces Buff Otis, the head of the Connecticut Arts Council, who Lorelai jokingly accuses of wanting Rory to be his girlfriend.

Lorelai and Rory are then eating at Luke’s, discussing Lorelai’s past participation in the festival as the Renoir girl. Luke mentions that his lawyers are still harassing him about his divorce with Nicole. Buff Otis and Taylor peer at Rory through the window and ask her to pose for them to see which painting she could recreate in the festival.

Patty’s dance studio is full of people getting ready for the festival. Kirk is excited to find that he has the part of recreating Christ in “The Last Supper”. Lorelai is shocked when she finds out that she will not be playing the Renoir girl this year. She argues with Taylor about his decision to cut her out of the festival. Taylor defends himself by stating that Lorelai flinched on stage the last time she participated, and he could not risk such a mistake this year. Rory is to recreate “The Portrait of a Young Girl Named Antea”.

Lorelai and Rory are discussing the festival in the Yale laundry room. When Lorelai complains about her not being cast as the Renoir girl, Rory decides to use her power as the “Young Girl Named Anthea” to force Taylor into giving Lorelai the part after all.

At the Gilmore garage, Lane and the band are practicing and waiting for the guitarist Lane found to show up for the audition. To their surprise, the guitarist is a much older man than they expected named Gil. Brian and Zach are especially shocked by Gil’s appearance.

More preparations for the festival are being made in a tent at the Town Square. Kirk talks to Lorelai about reading the Bible to get into character for the festival. He finds out that the town troubadour is playing Judas and is outraged.

Back at the garage, Lane and the band are playing with Gil and they sound great. Gil then leaves to call the sandwich shop he owns. While he's away, Zach and Brian discuss how old Gil is. Zach is set against letting him into the band due to his age.

Lorelai and Sookie are sitting in Sookie’s living room while Beau is on the phone. Bruce, Sookie’s overbearing midwife, meets Lorelai, who she deems as having "anti-midwife" energy. Bruce orders Sookie to reposition herself on the couch, Jackson to get balloons, and Beau to get flowers.

Lorelai and Sookie take a walk around town and run into a group preparing for the festival. Taylor and Patty say they might have to cancel the festival due to the fact that they only have half a table for "the Last Supper". Kirk, who is in his Christ costume with long hair and a blue robe, begins to preach to the townspeople about not giving up on the festival. Luke is determined not to be involved in the festival.

Rory returns to the Gilmore house to check out the band. After Gil leaves, Lane asks Rory what she honestly thinks about him. Rory thinks that Gil is great and experienced. Zach is irritated and decides that he is too old to join and the band agrees not to let Gil join them.

Sookie arrives at Lorelai’s house in a panic about her baby. Sookie explains that her baby isn’t coming out and jiggles and shimmies to try and help get the baby out. She finally sits down long enough for Lorelai to talk to her. Lorelai shows Sookie her "baby box", filled with mementoes from the day of Rory’s birth. Sookie finally calms down after seeing Rory’s baby clothes.

The night of the festival, everyone is backstage getting their make-up done. Kirk continues to insult the troubadour who is playing Judas. Rory is in her costume, which includes a
plastic ferret that goes over her shoulder. Outside, Taylor announces the beginning of the festival and boasts about Stars Hollow. Backstage, Patty announces that someone parked in the wrong place and they will be towed. The town troubadour tells Patty that it is Kirks car. Kirk yells at him for betraying him.

Rory is the first recreation to be featured in the festival and she poses perfectly in front of the audience.

Christ and Judas, or Kirk and the troubadour, get into a fight backstage and the apostles pull them off of each other. Patty yells at them to get ready. The curtains are drawn and Kirk and everyone else pose.

Lane finds that Gil is attending the festival as well. She begins to tell him that he’s not in the band, but Gil starts to talk about his last band. He tells Lane that his experience with that band was so bad that he decided to give up on music, but is now determined to find a band because he missed playing the guitar. Lane is touched by his story, changes her mind, and lets Gil into the band.

At Luke’s Diner, Luke is closing up when Nicole shows up. Nicole proposes the idea of not finishing the divorce. She tells Luke that she doesn’t want to get married, but she doesn’t want to get divorced. She wants to postpone the divorce so they can go back to dating.

Lorelai is backstage in costume as the Renoir girl and starts to panic. She admits to Rory that she did indeed flinch last time and is scared that she’ll ruin the show. Rory gives her some advice: "Close your eyes and think of England". Lorelai poses perfectly, but suddenly the baby pager Sookie gave her goes off, which signals the birth of her baby. The audience is silent but Lorelai remains still and the festival comes to a close.

Lorelai and Rory, who are still in costume, run off into the street in the direction of Sookie’s house.
Credit: Brian Persaud

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