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Episode: An Affair to Remember ...

Original Airdate: October 28, 2003

Lorelai, Rory, Emily, and Richard are having Friday night dinner. Richard and Emily are upset about a family who has an extremely loud ball machine and gave out out king-size candy bars for Halloween. Lorelai finds the word "balls" amusing. They then discuss Rory's class load (five courses) which is too many according to Lorelai, but Richard says it means Rory takes after him.

Emily is having a photographer take pictures of Jason and Richard, who are signing papers for their new partnership. Jason thinks that this is a "cute idea." After he leaves, Emily and Richard discuss the launch party. Emily decides on a Russian theme.

Rory is in class. Her teacher tells her that there was a problem with the syllabus and all their reading has been moved up a week.

Lorelai is at the Dragonfly. Tom tells Lorelai that it's going to cost a bit to fix up the stables for the horses, since the roof is about to cave in. Sookie runs up to Lorelai and tells her that Emily wants them to cater Richard's launch party. Lorelai is worried because she didn't tell Emily about their catering business, which means she'll be mad now that she's found out from someone else. Sookie convinces Lorelai to take the job in the interest of the "pretty money."

Sookie leaves and Kirk tries to sell Lorelai a whimsical mailbox for the inn. Lorelai tells him that they're not ready for a whimsical mailbox quite yet, and Kirk asks her about her catering services. Apparently he has a date with his brother's ex-girlfriend Lulu, and he wants Lorelai to cater it -- in his living room. Lorelai tells him that the living room with his mother there is probably not the best place for a first date, and says that he should just pick somewhere he's comfortable at -- it doesn't have to be fancy.

Rory goes into her dorm, where Janet is jumping on a very squeaky trampoline and the phone, which Paris refuses to answer because it's Jamie and they're fighting, is ringing off the hook. Rory gives Paris her cell phone to go outside and call Jamie so they can talk things over. She settles down to study, but the trampoline is still squeaky and now Tanna is watching TV really loudly. She gives up and leaves.

Sookie is making food for the launch party at Lorelai's house. Emily hasn't called back yet about the details of the party, so Sookie tells Lorelai to call her. Emily is miffed that Lorelai didn't tell her about the catering company, and Lorelai lies and tells her that she sent her a flyer. Emily won't let it go, so Lorelai tells her to treat them just as she would any other catering company that she hired off the street. Emily agrees, and they hang up.

Rory comes in, complaining about her dorm, and goes into her room to study. However, it's been filled with trays of broccoli tart. Rory is upset, because now she has nowhere to study -- none of the Yale libraries have the right vibe, and this studying is more serious than the kind that can be done in the living room.

At Luke's diner, Kirk is surveying the room for the best table for his date. Luke agrees to give him a reservation at eight, but refuses to get flowers or champagne, or rent out the room upstairs.

Sookie and Lorelai arrive at the elder Gilmore residence to do a test meal. Sookie is amazed at the size of it. The arrive at the front door, where the maid tells them to go around back to the servants' entrance.

Rory heads back to her dorm, but she can hear the phone, the TV, and the trampoline from outside. She turns around and heads outside, where she sits down under a tree to study.

Sookie and Lorelai are presenting Emily the test meal. After much nitpicking, she gives them the job.

Lorelai is in the jeep, on the way to Luke's. Rory is talking to her on the phone, telling her about her study tree, which is apparently perfect.

Lorelai enters the diner, where Luke is watching Kirk doing a test run of his date. A video recorder faces him across the table as he talks, eats, and makes conversation. Afterwards he plans to review the tape and adjust accordingly. Lorelai thinks it's cute.

At the elder Gilmore residence, Richard gives Emily his guest list for the launch party. Jason comes in to get his key for the office, and Emily asks him for his guest list. Oops -- apparently Richard forgot to tell him about the launch party. Jason tells Emily that it's a nice idea, but he's not sure that a launch party is the right way to go. He's organized a fun trip to Atlantic City for their clients. Emily is shocked -- this is an insurance company, not a rap label -- but Jason manages to convince Richard that this is the way to set them apart from the other companies. Richard asks Emily if it's too late to cancel the launch party. Reluctantly, she says no. Jason tells her that she'll have more time to hang out and relax now.

Rory heads to her study tree, but there's a guy sitting under it, reading "Trucker's Monthly". She attempts to use her Rory charms on him, but he still refuses to give her the tree.

Kirk and Lulu come into the diner, where Luke shows them to their table, which is set with flowers and a "Reserved" card. Kirk slips Luke a dollar.

The doorbell rings at Lorelai's house. She answers it and finds Emily standing there, to her surprise. Emily comments on Lorelai's pants, which say "Juicy" on the butt. She then tells Lorelai that the launch party is cancelled. Lorelai is angry that Emily didn't tell them sooner and asks her if this is some kind of insane payback for them not telling her about the catering company. Emily says no; firing them like this is wrong, and she was really looking forward to the party. She tells Lorelai that Jason thinks that a cocktail party would be out of date, and that Richard agrees that the Atlantic City party would be better. She tells Lorelai that she'll write her a check for the expenses.

At the diner, Kirk and Lulu seem to be having a really good time. Kirk excuses himself and goes to talk to Luke. He's amazed that Lulu seems to be having a good time. Luke tells Kirk that Lulu seems to really like him and he should go back to his table.

At Lorelai's house, Sookie is throwing away the broccoli tarts and Lorelai is trying to get a hold of Jason. Sookie is sad because she already spent the catering money on the down payment for a safer car, and now little Davey will have to roll around in the back of Daddy's truck. Lorelai tells her that she's being dramatic.

Rory comes in and complains about the guy taking her study tree; now she'll flunk out of Yale and have to find a new profession. Lorelai tells her to suck it up; she's not two. Rory asks her why she's mad, but Lorelai has something to do and leaves.

Lorelai comes to Jason's office. He tells her that she grew up good and asks her for her number. "976-bite-me" she replies. They go to talk in his office. Lorelai berates him for taking over the launch party and making Emily feel useless. Jason says that they never told him about the launch party. Lorelai says that this is because Emily and Richard are inconsiderate and self-centered, but Jason should have cancelled the party as soon as he heard about it. Emily is a corporate wife and her entire life is doing things like this, and Jason unceremoniously fired her, and Lorelai and Sookie indirectly. As an example of how Jason never thinks, she reminds him of how at summer camp he stood up in their canoe and tipped it over. Jason remembers; he was the hero of cabin five for the rest of the summer (Lorelai was wearing a t-shirt and no bra). Lorelai tells him to apologize to her mother, but refuses to cancel his Atlantic City party. Lorelai calls him "Digger" and he fires back with "Umlauts!" Jason asks her out to dinner; her mother would really hate it. Lorelai agrees that she would.

Rory heads back to the study tree. The guy is there again. She apologizes for getting angry the other day, expecting that after hearing her apology he'll get up and move. He doesn't, so she offers him a twenty if he does. He takes the money and leaves, and Rory sits down and starts to study.

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