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Episode: The Fundamental Things Apply ...

Original Airdate: October 21, 2003

Outside her house, Lorelai is planting bulbs that Babette gave her to "distract her from her sense of loss" over Rory’s absence. Rory arrives and is amazed at the sight. Babette hollers over that in spring, "you’ll have color out the yin-yang!" The grossness of the bulbs and an insect that crawls up Rory’s leg puts the girls flat on the ground with laughter.

In the dorm, Rory wakens to Paris and Janet fighting. Paris has turned off Rory’s alarm clock and Rory hurries, in pajamas and bunny slippers, to the cafeteria but they're closing up. Marty offers Rory some of the extra breakfast he always takes and introduces her to his friends as " know, the robe." He thanks her for her kindness and says he was relieved to have been able finally to approach her, since she was in her pajamas, which leveled the playing field after his humiliating naked experience.

At Luke's, Lorelai is talking with a designer on her cell phone and Luke is pushing her out the door because of his no-cellphones rule. Michel arrives to enjoy lunch on Lorelai’s dime and asks Luke to check where his chocolate came from. Luke tells Lorelai to take Michel somewhere else. Emily calls Lorelai, berating her for not RSVP’ing for Friday dinner. Lorelai, desperate to get a valid excuse to hang up, eventually throws a spoon at Luke, who yells at her to get off the phone.

At school, Rory’s literature class is discussing "The Sun Also Rises," and one student is politicizing every nuance. Rory offers an opposing opinion and a classmate, Trevor, backs her up. They leave together and he invites her to try a new restaurant on Saturday, but she turns him down.

Rory arrives at Lorelai's house with laundry that needs rewashing (someone took it out of the washer and dumped it on the dorm laundry’s floor). She begins to take some pizza that’s set out, but the pizza is for Lane, whose mom, these days, is buying okra in bulk. Lane runs in and laments that her future looks grim, grabs a few slices and rushes off.

Rory tells Lorelai about the roommate wars and Marty’s kindness. Lorelai is intrigued but Rory explains that he’s sweet, not hot. When Rory says she turned Trevor down -- in part because he’s going abroad, so things can’t go anywhere -- Lorelai tells her to try just dating, since what she had with Dean and Jess were relationships, not dates.

The next day, Lorelai is sitting with Natalie, the Dragonfly Inn designer, at Luke's diner. They’ve got four tables covered with stuff, and when Luke protests, Lorelai more or less ignores him, introducing Natalie and happily reporting that the Dragonfly will have horses. Luke leaves and Natalie suggests a type of wallpaper that Lorelai can check out at Emily's. Lorelai is surprised, and Natalie explains that she worked for Emily and assumed that’s where Lorelai got her name. Lorelai says she got it from a magazine, and is freaked out that it's such a small world.

Back at the literature class, Rory lets Trevor know she'd like to go to dinner with him after all. He is pleased and she self-confidently observes that he "sure is persistent!"

Sookie tells Lorelai about the names she and Jackson have chosen for their baby: Colgate for a girl and Davey for a boy. She mentions Natalie, and Lorelai nervously says that her existence depends on complete and total separation from Emily. Sookie reminds her of how perfect Natalie is.

Luke is irritated that people have been leaving messages for Lorelai at the diner. Luke is rude to a customer who interrupts, asking for his free game tickets and Lorelai scolds him for barking at people. Luke explains that he originally purchased the tickets for Nicole. Luke’s rule is never to plan more than two days in advance, lest you be disappointed. Lorelai invites him to tomorrow’s weekly movie night in Rory’s absence, intrigued that he has seen hardly any films at all.

Lorelai arrives before Rory for Friday dinner and doubles back to her car to wait, rather than face Emily alone. Emily interrupts the car-radio reverie and tongue-lashes Lorelai for not telling her about Sookie’s pregnancy -- a symbol of how Lorelai is intent on keeping Emily out of her life. When Lorelai asks how Emily found out, Emily gives a smug smile and tells Lorelai that she has sources. Rory arrives, Emily is scandalized that Rory seems to have asked a boy for a date.

At Kim's Antiques, Lorelai acts strange around Natalie, who walks outside to let Lorelai and Sookie talk. Lorelai explains that she fears Natalie could be a spy for Emily; how else could she have found out about Sookie's pregnancy? Sookie reminds Lorelai that Natalie didn't know about Sookie's pregnancy either until that day, and insists Lorelai talk to Natalie. Natalie assures her she hasn't talked with Emily in a very long time, and won't in the future rather than lose the inn job, which she's loving.

Saturday night, Trevor arrives at Rory’s in time to rescue her from a contentious Roommates Meeting that Paris has called to air her grievances against Janet (Tanna is finds the whole experience thrilling).

Luke arrives at Lorelai's house to watch "Casablanca" and is amazed at the Movie Night Rules. Lorelai calls him an uber-monk because he's never seen the FBI Warning.

At the restaurant, Trevor is relaxed and does his best to make the date go well, but Rory is terribly awkward and begins a strange monologue on restaurant mints that are tainted with urine.

Lorelai takes a phone call -- against the rules of Movie Night -- because it’s Rory, who’s bewildered and aghast at her own behavior. Lorelai offers what counsel she can, since some dates just won’t go well. When Luke hears that part of Rory’s misery is that she’s sitting next to Trevor and getting a stiff neck from looking over at him, he suggests that she claim there’s a draft so she can move to the other side of the booth. Lorelai calls her to relay this, and Rory is encouraged.

Lorelai and Luke commiserate on the horror of dating, and Luke talks of the feeling in his "gut" when he meets someone he feels comfortable with. He knows it immediately -- no need for dating.

He takes a phone call from Emily who is insulted that Natalie won't work with her because of her promise to Lorelai. The women have an all-or-nothing argument about who Natalie will work for.

Later, Rory arrives at the house, feeling defeated. Luke has fallen asleep on the couch and Lorelai is covering him with a blanket. They agree that he looks comfy there. Rory reports that Trevor also felt the "draft" and moved to her side, so things never really improved and seemed forced. Lorelai says a person has to go through a lot and that Rory has been lucky before, with guys. As the girls munch cookies, Lorelai tells Rory that a bad date can be a fun topic for the next date. Rory asks Lorelai to shoot her.

Back in the dorm laundry room, a good-looking guy is putting his own clothes in the dryer where Rory’s clothes had been. She asks about them, and he says that someone had already taken them out so he put them in his own basket to keep them clean. She thanks him and compliments his basket, which is covered with rock music stickers. They talk about music and home and how their moms are great, and Rory asks if he'd like to get a cup of coffee sometime. He considers briefly and says he doesn’t think so, "but thanks," and leaves. Rory stands alone and unlucky.

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