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Episode: Ballrooms and Biscotti ...

Original Airdate: September 23, 2003

An airport van stops in front of Lorelai's house and the girls exit with their backpacks, complaining about the length of the ride. Babette comes running, overjoyed to see them, but frantic that they are days later than expected from Rory’s itinerary. Babette called all the foreign consulates to try to find them, and now runs ahead into their house to fix hot chocolate for their reunion visit. Lorelai demands to know what itinerary Babette is talking about, and Rory confesses that she gave one to Babette in case they got into trouble - specifically, in case a charming stranger distracted Lorelai, stealthily left hashish in her purse, and got them thrown into jail! Babette is full of questions and the girls tell her how Lorelai touched the Pope (well, the Pope's car), but behind her back, Lorelai encourages Rory to yawn noisily. When she does, Babette apologizes for expecting them to visit so soon and leaves. Rory wants to do laundry right away but Lorelai persuades her to go to bed instead, in an attempt to stave off jet-lag. Rory is hugging her clothes "hello" and Lorelai sardonically says she’ll leave her alone with her sock drawer. Rory tells her to close the door as she leaves and opens the drawer with a smoky, "Hi there, boys!"

The next morning, Lorelai is calling consulates to assure them that they’ve returned safely. She and Rory review plans for their gala last week before Rory begins Yale: Snacking on biscotti and watching all the Godfather films is a high point. They set out to deliver gifts from the trip, and find Luke and Taylor fighting loudly inside the soon-to-be-opened sweet shop: In Luke’s absence, Taylor installed a plate glass window looking into the diner. Taylor makes the further mistake of asking Luke not to get his hand near the candy inventory. Luke, pushed to the limit, plunges both hands into the bin, and begins tossing candy everywhere. On the sidewalk, the girls watch the show, munching on biscotti.

The girls next stop at Sookie and Jackson’s house to find Sookie’s pregnancy well advanced and Jackson refusing to hear the gender of the baby before it’s born; “the old way” worked for Ricky Ricardo and Dick Van Dyke and it’s good enough for him -- and for Rory, who’s a little squeamish about these baby things anyway. Sookie shows Lorelai the contents of their storage shed and the overwhelming blue confirms that the baby is a boy. Lorelai admits that she and Rory didn’t bring a gift for Luke, and Sookie mentions that he’s acted strangely, especially when she asked him about the cruise.

Lorelai visits the diner and attempts to pass off a jar of jam from Sookie's house as expensive French jam made by an illiterate French orphan. Luke can see through her tale, however, and she finally tells him that they couldn't find anything good enough for him. Luke tells her that he didn't get anything for her either, but that's where the cruise talk ends.

Outside, Rory is amazed to see a poster of herself as "Ice Cream Queen" of the soda shoppe grand opening and tells Taylor that she won’t be able to participate in the grand opening. Despite Taylor’s attempts to shame her into it, she maintains that he didn’t ask her in advance, and that he should not have presumed she would serve.

Back at the house, Rory opens the mail against Lorelai’s wishes and is shocked to realize that she is to report to Yale this Saturday, not next. And Saturday is the day after tomorrow. All plans have to change, and the girls head downtown for supplies. Rory tries to ignore the sweet shop grand opening as she passes. Taylor is speaking ill of her but assuring the children that a nice skydiver is coming to entertain them.

Kirk – who’s clerking at the beauty supply store – is miffed that Lorelai didn't bring him back a present from Europe, since everyone else in the town seems to get one. He then tells Lorelai that he’s the skydiver for the grand opening, since Taylor's paying him twenty bucks, and she gives him, as his gift, the advice not to do it.

As Rory passes the sweet shop grand opening, she has heard enough of Taylor’s snide comments and takes over the mic to explain why she couldn’t serve and pledges to continue to support the town even as a Yale student.

At home, Lorelai refuses to attend the weekly dinner at the elder Gilmores and tries to persuade Rory to do the same, since it's her last night. Rory won't go back on her word, however, and arrives there alone. Emily is slightly irritated at Lorelai’s absence and tells Rory that she's planned a lovely, leisurely, long evening together, dining in the European style and watching decades worth of Emily’s treasured ballroom dancing videos.

In Stars Hollow, Lorelai and Luke are loading the truck with Rory’s dorm supplies when Lorelai finally presses him to tell her about the cruise. He miserably admits that he proposed to Nicole, which slightly amuses Lorelai; then, that he married Nicole, which startles Lorelai; and then, that he and Nicole plan to divorce, which amazes Lorelai. He explains that they were overwhelmed by the cruise’s romantic atmosphere and happy couples, but within hours of the wedding ceremony, knew they’d made a mistake and agreed – without any bad feelings – to seek a divorce as soon as they reached dry land. Lorelai listens with kindness and understanding and reassures Luke that all will turn out well. As they leave, a battered Kirk, trailing his parachute behind him, stumbles out of the woods and passes them by, muttering.

Rory phones Lorelai on the sly and begs her for deliverance from Emily’s clutches. Emily is predictably insulted when Lorelai arrives, and the two argue over who has the right to enjoy Rory’s company on her last night before she enters Yale. In the last scene, we see the girls contentedly noshing the last of the biscotti in the glow of...ballroom dance videos. Lorelai assures Rory that her new phase life at Yale will be wonderful. On the sofa nearby, Emily has fallen fast asleep.

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