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Original Airdate: September 24, 2002

Welcome back to Stars Hollow. What better way to greet our Gilmore girls in season three than with a crazy dream starring Lorelai and Luke? Lorelai wakes up amid what looks like a roomful of alarm clocks and proceeds downstairs in a sexy negligee. In the kitchen, Luke is cooking up breakfast and begins to argue (playfully) with Lorelai about coffee. It turns out that she needs to be drinking decaf because of the, baby! Luke smooches Lorelai’s belly before heading off to work, but Lorelai quickly wakes up and immediately calls Rory, who’s still in Washington, D.C.

When Lorelai explains the whole scary thing, Rory offers up an analysis. Maybe Lorelai loves Luke and wants to have his baby. But then again, maybe not. Rory tries again and comes up with the idea that Lorelai is still hurt over the fact that Christopher has abandoned her yet again because Sherry is pregnant and maybe Lorelai wishes she were pregnant with Christopher’s baby. That sounds a bit more logical.

Rory gives Lorelai the low down on her last day in D.C. She has a breakfast thing with members of the Senate and Congress and then it is home to Stars Hollow. While Mom and daughter exchange “I miss you’s,” Paris is in the background sound asleep. Yet even though she is sleeping, she is yelling things like, “Woodward! Bernstein!” When Rory gets off the phone, she opens her notebook and begins a letter to Jess.

At Sookie’s house, the newlyweds are talking about painting the whole house. Sookie is concerned that Jackson will eventually resent the fact that it’s her house, which just happens to be quite girly. Jackson says he really doesn’t care, but there’s no arguing with Sookie. She plans to “butch” up that house no matter what he says. Lorelai stops by to witness this whole discussion and grab some chow because she still can’t go to Luke’s for breakfast.

On her way to work Lorelai spots Taylor, who is excited about his latest venture: The First Annual Stars Hollow End-of-Summer Madness Festival. There will be games, food, and even a band from NYC! When Taylor wheels off (because he is in a wheelchair from slipping on a banana peel someone left on his doorstep) Lorelai is left in front of Luke’s diner. She looks longingly inside and then walks away.

Back in Washington, Paris is single-handedly terrorizing every single Senator she meets. She gives Barbara Boxer a speech on why Bono really shouldn’t get involved with politics at all. The guy never even takes of his sunglasses for goodness sake! Rory meets a young guy named Jamie who makes some small talk about their whole summer experience. Rory explains that the highlight for her was seeing Archie Bunker’s chair in the Smithsonian. Then, Jamie asks where Paris is. It turns out he is interested in everyone’s favorite little political terror. When Paris arrives at the buffet table complaining about how the senators are always rushing off to the bathroom before she has chance to talk to them, Jamie proceeds to make his move. He asks her out to dinner, and she absent-mindedly says yes. It all happens so quickly that Paris doesn’t even realize it’s a date until Rory points it out to her. Darn, Paris never gets asked out and when she finally does, she misses the opportunity to enjoy it.

Back in Connecticut, Lorelai is dodging questions and telling lies to Emily who has just come back from Martha’s Vineyard. Lorelai lies about Rory’s return date from Washington so they can avoid Friday night dinner and have some alone time. When Emily says she wants the three of them – Lorelai, Rory and Christopher – over for dinner, Lorelai lies again. She says yes to the invite because she clearly wants to avoid a conversation about what really happened. It hurts enough without Emily’s two cents.

As Paris prepares for her date, she officially freaks out. She is just so bad at this sort of thing. Rory is on the phone with Dean, having a lovey-dovey conversation (at least from Dean’s end). He says “I love you,” and she says it back, but does she really mean it? Once she’s off the phone, Rory tries to calm Paris down. Paris is yelling about not being genetically programmed for dating and then goes into a tirade about how it must be a joke. Jamie is only doing this because of a dare. For someone so confident in other aspects of her life, Paris sure could use a high dose of self-esteem in the romantic department. She is also scared of falling for this guy because then what if he doesn’t like her back. What if she gets her heart broken? And how do you know when someone’s right for you anyway? Rory does her best to reason with Paris, explaining that you know when someone’s right because it just feels right.

This whole crazy conversation is interrupted when Jamie knocks on the door. Paris makes Rory hide in the closet because Jamie might end up liking her better. Rory reluctantly agrees, and Jamie and Paris head off to a Zagat-approved Italian restaurant. In the dark closet, Rory holds a flashlight in her hands and continues her letter, to Jess.

Meanwhile, Sookie is trying to make her house manlier by buying something masculine at Kim’s Antiques. Mrs. Kim is being her usual self as she explains why a shaving table is $1200. Sookie doesn’t know what to do, but Lorelai dashes off because she is picking up Rory from the airport. In Hartford, Lorelai and Rory have a giddy reunion. Gifts are exchanged and hugs are in full supply. As they head home, Lorelai tells Rory that she cancelled Friday night dinner (okay she lied to Emily), so that Rory could spent some quality time with Dean. Judging by Rory’s reaction, it is obvious that she is thinking about someone else.

The girls arrive home, and Rory couldn’t be happier. She missed everything so much. Apparently, while she was gone, Lorelai went all klepto because she snagged a bunch of Rory’s stuff. (Like her pillow, blanket, and t-shirt.) As Rory demands her things back, Lorelai begins to play a message from Christopher on the answering machine and stops it immediately. Christopher’s been calling the house like a madman, but Lorelai refuses to call him back or talk to him. However, Lorelai doesn’t want Rory to give her dear old dad the silent treatment just because she is. But Rory agrees with her Mom’s feelings and is all about solidarity. Eventually, she’ll talk to him, of course, but right now she’s going to stand by her Mom. Rory offers to go to dinner tonight so she can help distract Emily and Richard from asking too many personal questions, but Lorelai says no. Dean is coming over and Lorelai wants the kids to catch up on missed together time. But all Rory cares about right now is going to the festival because she might catch a glimpse of Jess.

On the way into town, Lorelai and Rory stop by Sookie and Jackson’s only to hear them in full fight mode. Sookie has turned the house into what looks like some type of lodge. But Jackson doesn’t like it, he like the way it was before. Rory and Lorelai leave and make their way to the festival. Once there, Rory is looking around and acting all nervous. While Lorelai makes inane conversations with both Kirk and Taylor, Rory scours the festival for Jess. And when she finds him, it isn’t pretty. He’s playing tonsil hockey with some bleach-blond babe. Rory is appalled, but Lorelai is relieved. Good thing Rory didn’t ruin her life for Jess, right? But Rory is clearly upset and finally reveals that she saw him at Sookie’s wedding and, she kissed him. He even kissed her back, but now she feels totally stupid considering what they’re both witnessing. Lorelai has little sympathy. After all, Rory was with Dean at the time and still is. That is just wrong. Rory tries to downplay the whole thing, but it’s impossible to hide the fact that Rory is torn.

Lorelai finally says what the viewers have known all along. Rory must choose: Jess or Dean. Lorelai speaks the truth; Dean loves Rory and deserves better treatment that this. Rory has been treating Dean like dirt and it’s got to stop. This is too much for Rory to accept. She knows Dean is great, but that doesn’t seem to matter much. Rory is being selfish and can only think how this situation affects her. As Lorelai urges Rory to break up with Dean so he can be with someone who really loves him, Dean comes walking up to the two Gilmore’s. Rory runs up to him, they hug, and Lorelai slinks away to dinner with her folks. Rory continues to hug Dean but her eyes are focused clearly on Jess.

When Lorelai arrives (late) at Emily’s, she sits down her parents for a talk. It’s time to come clean about Christopher. She does, but doesn’t say why. In return, Emily gets upset implying that Lorelai is still acting like an irresponsible teenager. The discussion escalates to a full-on argument until Lorelai blurts out the Sherry is pregnant. This prompts Emily and Richard to discuss just who is Christopher more responsible for – Sherry or Lorelai and Rory? There’s no easy answer, and Lorelai doesn’t really want to talk about it anyway. Emily urges Lorelai to tell Christopher she wants to marry him because Christopher will surely marry Sherry if she doesn’t say anything. After all, he tried to marry Lorelai all those years ago, so it’s in his heart to do the right thing. Richard delivers a really harsh line to his daughter when he says that Lorelai had her chance to be a family and walked away from it. Emily and Richard won’t stop arguing about who is right and who is wrong, so Lorelai quietly slips out the front door.

With nowhere to go and nothing to do, Lorelai goes back to Stars Hollow and arrives at Luke’s. She steps in and says that she’s not there to talk about anything, she’s not looking for an apology, she is just had a really crappy night and could use a cup of coffee. Luke cleans up while Lorelai pours herself some java and then starts to cry and complain about how her love life is a total disaster. She has been waiting her whole life for Christopher to grow up and be the perfect man, but that’s obviously never going to happen. Or maybe he has, but Christopher is now going to be that guy for someone else. Life is not fair. When it comes down to it, Lorelai wants a real family – the husband, the kids, the dog, etc. Luke tries to comfort her and explains that Lorelai’s life isn’t all that bad, is it? She has a good job, nice house, and great kid. While that is true, Lorelai points out that she wants to be part of couple. Luke says it will happen for her one day. When she asks him how he knows, Luke simply states, “I know.” Lorelai still isn’t convinced so Luke gives her a doughnut (which she stashes in her purse) and tells her to come back any time. She will, it seems like a nice place.

Back at home, Rory and Lorelai make peace and exchange stories about their respective evenings. Dinner with the folks was awful, but the good news is that they can go back to Luke’s. Rory says she didn’t break up with Dean because she realized that she does love him and that it’s crazy to even think about Jess. She made a pro and con list, and Dean came out the winner. Rory will give Dean her undivided attention from now on. Lorelai feels bad and says that if Rory really wanted to be with Jess, that’d be okay. Lorelai would support that decision, meaning don’t stay with Dean for Lorelai’s sake. Rory promises that’s not the case because she loves Dean. End of story. As for Lorelai, she says she’ll eventually be okay about this whole Christopher/Sherry thing. Then, she takes the doughnut out of her purse and starts munching.
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