Episode: I Can't Get Started ...

Original Airdate: May 21, 2002

Sookie plays the Ella Fitzgerald song that she's selected as her wedding song for Lorelai, Rory, and Michel. They sit with their heads in their hands while Sookie smiles along to the music. Lorelai tells Sookie that she can't walk down the aisle to that song; it's morbid and depressing. Rory tactfully suggests that "I Can't Get Started" would be as melodic, but less "Girl, Interrupted." Lorelai asks Michel about his progress on the wedding guest list, and he responds with typical sarcasm. Lorelai is unfazed and tells him that she's not going to let him annoy her out of handling the task. Sookie mentions that her cousin Carl and his guest had to cancel their reservations for the wedding, and asks Lorelai if Emily and Richard would like to come in their places. Lorelai is initially reluctant but Sookie insists, since Emily "helped" with the wedding, telling Sookie not to use yellow, but pink.

Waiting for Friday dinner to begin, Lorelai realizes aloud that "Oy with the poodles already" would be a good catchphrase for her and Rory to use when "the perfect circumstances" arise. Emily is annoyed by the chatter, but pleased when Lorelai extends the invitation to Sookie's wedding. When Emily learns that the wedding is just a week away, however, she calls it a "pity invite" and begins a sarcastic series of comments and questions that Lorelai attempts to stop by changing the subject. Richard arrives at the table and reprises Emily's reactions to the wedding news: acting pleased, then calling it a "pity invite," at which Emily gloats. Lorelai finds the first perfect circumstance for the use of her new catchphrase.

At Luke's, Rory persuades Dean to swap breakfast plates with her, while Lorelai is completing a nervous walk up and down the sidewalk. Dean wants to take something to her, but Rory is using "tough love" and says that the fight between Lorelai and Luke has gone on too long. Lorelai finally enters but panics as Rory and Dean leave for school. She approaches Luke, who is polite but cool. She tries to apologize for the fight they had the night of Rory and Jess's car accident. He insists that he is not mad at her, and asks exactly what she wants. Lorelai says she wants Luke back; Luke replies that he's standing right here. Frustrated, she leaves the diner.

In the Chilton study body presidential forum, candidate Paris delivers a strident speech to an absolute lack of applause. As the students exit, Paris spots Rory working on her article for the Franklin, and attempts to find out what Rory's writing. Rory tells her to go away. Madeline and Louise arrive with polling results: Students overwhelmingly recognize that Paris is competent, but almost all find her scary and won't vote for her. Paris, stunned, asks her advisers what she should do. Madeline suggests a sex scandal and Louise says she'll get right on it. Paris then asks Rory to run as her vice-presidential candidate. Rory refuses repeatedly until Paris points out that "Harvard loves this kind of crap!" Rory hesitantly turns back to listen to the rest of Paris' pitch: What if Harvard rejects her? Won't she be thinking that she should have run with Paris? Rory finally accepts and asks if the thought of just being nice to people has never occurred to Paris.

At the doctor's office to get Rory's cast removed, the girls are surprised by Christopher's entrance; though he had said the previous week that he wanted to come down from Boston, Lorelai hadn't actually expected him. Christopher offers to treat the girls to dinner but Rory has to work on her campaign, about which she has divided feelings: If she wins, she'll have to spend six weeks at a Washington, D.C., leadership camp with Paris. Christopher offers to break into Chilton the next Thursday to tamper with votes, but that's Sookie's rehearsal dinner, which Lorelai invites him to attend -- and he accepts.

At the dinner, Kirk stands and starts tapping on his glass, much to the delight of Miss Patty who thinks he's going to make a toast. All Kirk wants is the owner of the silver Volvo to move the car so he can leave. The Volvo is Christopher's, and he conspires with Lorelai to wait 10 minutes before moving it. An agitated Jackson shows Sookie a kilt that his father has just given him to wear on his wedding day, just as Jackson's dad did. As the two carry their argument through the house, Christopher tells Lorelai to bring a bottle of wine onto the porch. Lorelai is pleased with this "bossy" attitude.

On the porch, Christopher asks her to take plenty of photos of the wedding. Lorelai suggests he come to the wedding since he'll be in town and he agrees. Lorelai is amazed: Doesn't he have to check with Sherry? Christopher confesses that things have not been going well with Sherry and that they've taken the time apart to think: His recent thoughts have been to find an apartment. Lorelai is surprised but acts kindly, and Christopher says the breakup is nobody's fault.

The next morning, Lorelai begins to tell Rory about Christopher and Sherry but a phone call from Paris interrupts: She's planning her concession speech, convinced that she is going to lose; even if she wins, it will only be because of Rory. Rory tells her to leave the auditorium, lest people think she's insane, and tells her she deserves the job. Lorelai finishes telling Rory about the impending breakup and Rory observes that her mom is gloating and smiling.

On the eve of the wedding, Sookie appears in the Inn lobby, exuberant over the touches she's put on the wedding cake, and confidently saying she's "outdone" herself this time. Later, Lorelai is putting finishing touches on decorations at the Inn when Christopher appears, unable to sleep. The two relax on a sofa, talk about the wedding, kiss with increasing passion -- and go together to Christopher's room. Later, when Lorelai goes into the Inn kitchen for snacks, she finds Sookie in her wedding gown and veil, hysterically tearing flowers off the wedding cake. She's fearful that using pink tells Jackson that his opinion doesn't count and she's afraid of divorce. Lorelai calms her somewhat, and Sookie asks Lorelai to tell her something to stop her from obsessing. Lorelai's news that she just slept with Christopher does the trick! Calm again, Sookie leaves for home, and Lorelai returns upstairs.

The couple talk about what their future might hold, and agree that they "can't change everything on Rory" unless the change appears to be permanent. Lorelai says they'll never know unless they try, and Christopher agrees: They'll try.

The next morning, Kirk arrives at the diner and asks Luke's opinion on the new suit Kirk's wearing in hopes of attracting a woman at the wedding. Luke retreats to his apartment, where he finds Jess. Jess wants to come back; Luke says things will have to be different and Jess agrees. Luke tells Jess that Rory is with Dean and advises him to leave it alone, let it go.

At the Inn before the wedding, Paris calls Dean's cell phone to tell Rory that they've won the election. Rory tells Dean that she still hasn't decided about spending the summer in Washington. A blissful Christopher and Lorelai encounter Emily and Richard, and Emily grills Lorelai about Christopher's presence. Lorelai tells Emily she might be seeing a lot more of Christopher from now on, and Emily is pleased. Christopher and Rory discuss the possible reunion; Rory is pleased but warns him that she and her mom have been waiting for this for a long time. They are happily hugging when Christopher gets a phone call and excuses himself. Rory turns to see Jess watching her. He tells her he's moved back and she impulsively kisses him, then runs away from him.

Lorelai tells Christopher to find a good seat, but he says he must go: Sherry has called -- she's just found out that she's pregnant. Christopher doesn't know what to do; he was so happy last night, but he "missed it" with Rory (Lorelai knows this) and he never forgave himself; so what is he going to do? Just take off and disappear, again? Lorelai says no, he is going to go home. Christopher begins to fret some more, but Lorelai stops him: She has to walk down the aisle and look happy for Sookie, and right now she's having trouble standing. He asks her to tell Rory.

As "I Can't Get Started" plays, Jackson, looking handsome in his kilt, strides to the wedding arch. Rory, who looks haunted, joins Lorelai, who looks stunned, on the staircase. Rory takes the bridesmaid's bouquet that Lorelai hands her and says she's going to Washington. Lorelai whispers "OK" and the two begin their procession down the hill.
Credit: GilmoreGirls.org

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