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Episode: Help Wanted ...

Original Airdate: May 7, 2002

It seems to be another typical morning in Stars Hollow, with the girls heading over to Luke's for breakfast. Rory wants to know what happened between Lorelai and Luke, but Lorelai tells her it's not even a thing, a mere "thinglet," if you will. Lorelai assures Rory that eventually, things will get back to normal. Then they arrive at Luke's to find a line of people. At first Lorelai thinks people are waiting, but then they see a sign: "Gone Fishing." Possibilities are discussed for Luke's being closed -- taking a vacation, actually fishing, or just keeping Kirk out -- but everyone knows that Luke's is never closed. Lorelai insists that Rory shouldn't read anything into it, that everything will be fine. Kirk disagrees: he left his wallet in the diner the day before.

The girls are left to eat breakfast at "The Hungry Diner," the antithesis of Luke's, complete with small coffee cups, pictures on the menu, and an overly cheery waitress. Rants ensue before Lorelai spots Michel and cheers up when she succeeds in annoying him to the point of leaving.
The girls try to figure out a way to get Rory out of Friday night dinner so she can explain the broken arm situation to Dean when he returns home that evening. Lorelai is happy to oblige in covering for Rory, since she still is unsure how to tell her parents that Rory's arm is broken. So far, all she has is "really big bees."

Friday night dinner arrives sans Rory, who now is explained as having the flu. Richard breaks the news that he is now running The Gilmore Group, his new consulting business (although Lorelai never quite figures out what a consultant does). During pre-dinner drinks, Richard finds out his longtime secretary, Margie, has decided not to join him in his new venture. Both Gilmores immediately consider giving up the new business entirely and are discussing getting out of the lease before Lorelai offers her help in getting him settled and finding a new secretary. They reluctantly agree. Meanwhile, Rory waits nervously in front of Deanís house for him to return home. Unsure how to explain the car wreck with Jess, she gives him a letter and waits for him to finish. While Rory waits for a blow-up, Dean only wants to know if Jess is really gone. A confused Rory, who expected a fight, is invited to stay for dinner. The girls end their evenings with talk of Dean and Jess and what a great boyfriend Dean is with everything that has happened. Lorelai expresses her blame of Jess for the car accident and Rory's broken arm. An unsettled Rory is left to her thoughts and Lorelai to the huge stack of resumes for her father's secretary position.

Lorelai arrives at her father's new office to find everything in complete disarray. She takes over. While Lorelai opens the world of office supply store shopping to Richard, Rory and Lane are walking through Stars Hollow and notice an old store has the boards removed from the windows. They discover there is now a music store inside. Rory spots Taylor across the street and heads over to apologize for his sign being destroyed in the much-talked-about car accident. Once again, Rory is praised for her goodness and Jess blamed for the accident. Rory tries to argue that Jess didnít cause it, but Taylor wants to hear nothing of it.

The new music store owner, Sophie, allows Lane to stop stalking the drum set she has inside the store and sit with the drumsticks and test them out, although there is no touching allowed. Lane is hooked. Richard's office is now running smoothly with Lorelai in charge, who is informed when her mother calls that there will be a launch party for the new business that Friday. At first Lorelai is hopeful that she and Rory will get out of Friday night dinner, but Emily has other plans. She expects to see both of them there. Back at home, Babette reacts to Rory's broken arm by explaining how men are always the downfall of women and scaring her with tales of her past life in a cult. Rory escapes inside, where Lane calls to inform Rory she will now be a drummer, because she is meant to rock. The conversation ends with Lane hiding her drum sticks and rejoining her mother in church choir practice.

Richard's office is now running so smoothly with Lorelai in charge that he shows no interest in interviewing for a new secretary. A frustrated Lorelai finally tells her father this is her last day of helping out in the office. A hurt Richard cuts her off and throws himself into work. The girls are crabby as they head to The Gilmore Group launch party. Lorelai has to get a burger from someplace other than Luke's and Rory is tired of hearing how her broken arm is Jess's fault. Lorelai once again dismisses Rory's guilt by telling her horrible Jess is.

The party is a huge success. Richard has picked a secretary, secured a great deal, and has moved on from losing Lorelai's help in the office. Emily freaks out when she sees Rory's broken arm, however, leading to Rory having a meltdown in the middle of the party because she can't take one more person blaming Jess for the incident. Rory has heard enough and blows up, taking responsibility for the car wreck and her own broken arm. A small screaming match ensues with Lorelai and Rory, after which it is decided that they will agree to disagree. Rory, dejected, heads home alone.

Lane works out a deal with Sophie to let her practice the drums twice a week in exchange for help around the store. She may be in a closed store, lights out, but Lane finally gets to rock her heart out. Rory gets to hear it as she stops over at Luke's. Both tiptoe around some small talk and then, over coffee, share an understanding that while gone, Jess is missed, even if only by them.
Credit: Rich

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