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Campaign Response ...

Have you gotten any response from the Gilmore Girls Letter Writing Campaign or the Gilmore Girls Promotion Campaign? If so, e-mail Heidi and it will be posted on the site.

Cosmo Girl ...
"We love Gilmore Girls! And we're including it as "Best New Show" in our May issue. Thanks for your support.
Atoosa Rubenstein, Editor

Gist TV ...
Our editors really like Gilmore Girls. (You may have seen our profile of Alexis Bledel on the site.)
Cheryl Everette, Editorial Director

J-14 Magazine ...
You need not convince us of the awesomness of this series. That's why we are doing two features on Gilmore Girls. The first, which will appear in the May issue (out April 13) is all about Chad Michael Murray who plays Tristan on the show. We were hoping to get Jared (Dean) in the same issue, but do to audition conflicts and such, Jared, will be featured in the June issue instead.
Jennnifer Kirby, Associate Editor

Media Life Magazine ...
You're preaching to the choir. I love Gilmore Girls, I even watch it instead of Friends or Survivor. So don't worry, if there is a newsworthy story about Gilmore Girls, I'll be the first to jump on the bandwagon.
Elizabeth White

Los Angeles Times ...
Thanks for the message. We have written a bit about "Gilmore Girls," and I'm always interested to see which shows are provoking an especially loyal reaction from fans. Feel free to keep me posted about your activities.
Brian Lowry, Writer

Teen Magazine ...
We LOVE GG -- in fact, in March we're doing WHO'S THAT BABES on Jared and Chad, a Watch this Face on Alexis, a Pop Quiz and maybe even a set visit. We always talk about the show in Totally Tube-ular and have even initiated a "save the show" campaign!
E-Mail Correspondent

Twist Magazine ...
There is a story about Alexis Bledel in our May issue which will be coming out March 30. Don't miss it!
Marisa Sandora, Entertainment Editor

The Vancouver Sun ...
FYI, Gilmore Girls airs in Canada on the Global network, which airs it at the somewhat better (for us) time of Fridays at 9. That means no competition from Survivor, no competition from Friends. I understand the show is doing quite well for Global.
Alex Strachan, TV Columnist

More to come!

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